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Friday, May 22, 2020

Quick Hacks to Take Care of Your Precious Jewellery

Every piece of jewellery that you buy, holds a special place in your heart. It is something you buy with the hope of getting to wear it forever and so you ensure that you take good care of it. But often times, we find our jewellery getting tarnished and looking old very soon and then it is not in a condition to be worn. Chances are that you are not taking care of your jewellery the way you are supposed to.

Jewellery care is a very tricky subject that requires certain do and don’ts to help you keep your jewellery shining always. We care about you and we care about your jewellery and so we have put together a list of certain hacks that you can incorporate in your daily routine to take better care of your precious jewellery and also make life simpler for you in the process! Right from that light weight gold necklace that is your favourite to your stunning diamond ring, we have you covered!

·         Use a Ziplock bag for storage – the trendy designs of gold drop earrings that you saw which made you impulse buy a few pairs for yourself, needs to be stored properly. Jewellery over time comes in contact with moisture and air which causes it to tarnish and look bad. To avoid this, you must store them properly in a zip lock bag and squeeze out all the air from it before sealing it.

·         Keep them away from wood – try not to leave your jewellery on surfaces that have been chemically treated or are made of wood. This can stain the jewellery and also speed up the tarnishing process which is something we want to avoid.

·         Keep them dry and away from liquid – avoid wearing silver jewellery when you go for a sauna or for swimming or a dip in the pool. This will make it go bad. Also, when you are getting ready to go out, layer up all your skin care first along with all the perfume and hair spray you want to put and only then wear your jewellery. This way there is less exposure to direct liquid from the skin care products.
·         Store your silver with chalk – silver jewellery tends to oxidise very quickly when they are kept in the open or are in contact with air and moisture. Chalk is a good absorber of moisture and hence if you do not have silica bags or a dehumidifier at a disposal, you can consider keeping chalk with your jewellery so that it does not go bad.

·         Keep it away from the sunlight – when gemstones are exposed to the sun for a very long time, they tend to lose their colour and shine and eventually start becoming dull. To avoid this, either wear them during the evening or for shorter duration when outside during the day.

·         Keep the gold and silver separate – gold jewellery tends to scratch very easily and hence it is best that you keep them separate in soft cloth bags or their original boxes and away from any other metal so that there is no direct contact.

·         Wipe them down – at the end of the day, when you remove your jewellery, ensure that you wipe away the moisture and dirt with an anti-tarnish cloth

All these hacks that we have spelled out for you are extremely easy to follow and something that takes the least amount of time and effort but shows life long results. We hope you were able to find something that works for you!

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