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Monday, August 19, 2019

Surprise Your Closed Ones With A Special Treat Of Cake On Their Special Day

The cake is a type of sweet food prepared by baking. Cake, since ages, has been used to celebrate –Birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, to celebrate success and other important events of one’s life. So if one is looking to buy a cake in Ludhiana, he should search for online cake order in Ludhiana, as it is the best way to get one’s hands on some delicious and unique tasting cakes. Speaking of which-

What materials are used to make a cake?

Cakes are made by baking a cake mix consisting of milk, eggs, butter, oil, and a leveling agent all battered into the wheat flour. These leveling-agents consist of baking soda or baking powder although sometimes an effervescent liquid such as beer or soda can be used too. Sometimes additional ingredients like dry fruits (cashew, resins, and coconut, etc.), fresh fruits (apples, strawberries, pineapples, etc.), dried hard boiled candy and extracts (vanilla, cocoa powder, banana, etc.) are used to impart a special flavor to the cake. The freshly baked cake is then covered and decorated with (a process called as icing or frosting) with buttercream, glace ice, chocolate, etc. Chocolate chips, white chocolate, wafers, candied fruit, fresh fruit, etc. are then sprinkled at the top for taste and decorative purposes.

Varieties of cake

Before one decides to go for online cake order in Ludhiana, he should at least read about the different cake varieties available out there for satisfying his appetite.

·         Butter cakes – These cakes are made by using creamed butter extensively in the cake mix. Then the batter is then beaten for an extended period of time in order to achieve a smooth flowing texture. These cakes are characterized by their smooth, sweet and slightly damp texture.

·         Sponge cakes – These cakes are highly porous and hence are called sponge cakes. The texture of these cakes is unique in its ‘high’ fluffiness and its relative dryness, when compared to other cakes( unless heavily iced). The batter of these cakes is made as light as possible by using fewer proportions of eggs, sugar and other ingredients in it as a result of which the cake requires little to none leveling agents for baking.

·         Chiffon cakes – Where sponge cakes are dry on tasting, chiffon cakes are moist and slightly ‘damped’ in texture when compared to other cakes. This is achieved by adding vegetable oil to the baking mix.

·         Chocolate cakes – They are simply the cakes mention above only iced with a thick layer of chocolate. Sometimes cocoa powder or melted chocolate is added to the cake mix itself in order to create a uniform chocolaty flavor throughout the cake, from the first bite to the last.

·         Eggless cakes – Especially made for the vegetarians or vegans out there, these cakes substitute the egg in the mix for silken tofu, mashed banana, vinegar, apple sauce, aerated fizzy cold drinks, curd, buttermilk, cornstarch, etc. or simply using a heavy amount of leveling agent in the mix.

All being said, cakes are a good way to celebrate an occasion or to simply satisfy the itch for eating a delicious, fresh, creamy cake once in a while. So, go for online cake order in ludhiana now!

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