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 Scoliosis is the disease where the spine develops an abnormal curve in the shape of ‘S’ or ‘C’. If scoliosis is diagnosed in time it can be treated. There are different methods of treatment for scoliosis. Surgery and medication are the two main methods. There are also alternative methods like exercise, physiotherapy, etc.

1.      SURGERY

As scoliosis becomes severe with time doctors prescribe surgery to reduce the severity of the curve of the spine. The most popular method of surgery is called “Spinal Fusion”. In Spinal Fusion, Doctors connect two or more vertebrae or bones of the spine with a piece of bone or bone-like material so they become unable to move independently. Metal hooks, screws or rods or wires are used to support that part of the spine till the bone heals. This operation usually lasts till 8 hours and the child is admitted in ICU for one or two days. After the ICU period, the patient can be kept in the general ward for one week to 10 days according to doctor's advice. The child can go back to daily routine after four to six weeks and he or she may resume sports activity after one year of surgery. Scoliosis surgery in Indiais now more affordable and common. More and more parents are now opting for spinal fusion surgery to treat the scoliosis of their children.

2.      BRACES

If a child is growing and has a low or moderate level of scoliosis doctors advise to wear braces. Braces cannot cure or reverse the disease but prevent it. Braces often lock a posture so that the spine does not get more curved.  Usually, braces are made of plastic and it is contoured in such a way that it sticks to the body. Modern braces are now very lightweight and remain invisible under normal clothes. Children can easily follow their daily routine while wearing braces.  In some particular cases, they can remove the brace before participating in events.

Braces need to be worn in both day and night and day for better results. The braces become more effective with continuous wearing. After the bones stop their growth, doctors advice to stop the using of braces.  Braces are removed after the girls start menstruation regularly or boys shave regularly or no more height change is observed.  Braces are one of the popular and the best scoliosis treatment in India.  Braces are also economical.


Medication is prescribed if the patient has a low or moderate level of scoliosis.


a.       Some alternative treatments of scoliosis are,
                                                              i.      Electrical stimulation of muscles adjacent to the spine
                                                            ii.      Chiropractic manipulation
                                                          iii.      Dietary supplements

Doctors may recommend exercises and physiotherapy treatment to cure scoliosis. The exercises are aimed to realign the spine, shoulders, rib cage and pelvic bones of that the patient may attain a relatively normal posture. These exercises must be followed as per the instructions to have a result. Often patients need to exercise for a long time.

So, it is clear that scoliosis treatments can allow a patient to attain a normal life with surgeries, braces and exercises or medicines. Timely diagnosis is always important for an effective result.

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