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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Five ring types of Women and their significance

A ring is not just a piece of woman jewellery to suit your fingers and your look, but it also carries a priceless value behind it. They explain the meaning of friendship and love all in one. Rings preferred for different occasions carry different significance for all. The rings are preferable mostly for wedding, engagement, anniversary, and many more events. Every woman’s ring has its importance. In this article, you will know about some of the famous rings preferred by women that carry a unique significance.

Promise rings
Promise rings are the symbol of your undying commitment towards your loved ones. It is mostly exchanged between couples before engagement. It is somewhere cultural, while somewhere it is just out of love. It is also exchanged between two girlfriends to commit to their undying friendship. It holds the significance of lifetime commitment between couples.
Engagement rings
Engagement is a very auspicious occasion for love birds before the wedding. Choosing perfect engagement rings has always been a challenge for women. Despite the ring type, every engagement ring holds a strong meaning behind it. You exchange vows while exchanging the rings in an engagement which signifies trust, bonding and promise of commitment throughout the life. These rings carry great sentimental value. Women mostly prefer diamonds on their engagement ring.
Wedding rings
Soon after the engagement, a woman is ready to take wedding vows while exchanging wedding rings. It signifies the increasing love for each other and is worn on the ring finger. It is said that the ring finger connects straight to heart. You can avail these rings in both diamond and classic gold designs. The significance of wedding rings is to create a circle of love and trust, which will keep the bond strong forever.  
Anniversary rings
Anniversary rings are not destined to a particular date. Women love to wear these on a special date every year. Girls love to get anniversary rings as gifts from their husbands. Most women out there prefer diamond rings for an anniversary. It signifies everlasting marriage and love for each other. There are wide varieties of anniversary rings available for you to choose from.
Birthstone rings
Birthstone rings for women are known as the best gift on their birthdays. You can check for your birthstones by referring to your birth month. It is believed that birth gemstone keeps away the negativity in their lives. Different stones tend to channel different energy for the betterment of human life.
These are a few types of rings that carry meaningful significance for the wearer. Every ring carries specific significance for the betterment of human life. Every woman tends to wear these rings on their special occasions with the positivity of starting a new and better life.

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