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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A Complete Guide On Buying Frameless Glass Balustrade And Pool Fence

Gone are the days of using wood and metal for designing your house interior as well as exterior architecture. Although they are classic, it is difficult to maintain them. Today, modern architecture and glass go hand in hand. Be it your windows, balcony balustrades, stair balustrades or even your pool fence; glass gives that extra elegance and sophisticated look to your house design. Modern architecture today is all about frameless glass balustrade and pool fence, Annangrove.

Frameless glass balustrades: The protective beauty to balconies

Balustrades refer to the railing we generally observe on the balconies. They are generally made from different materials like wood, metal and recently glass. They are built as a protection to prevent you and your family members from tripping or falling off the balconies or stairs due to lack of support. They act as strong support with the help of handrails adding strength to the balcony and stairs as well. Balustrades are available in different colours and designs, adding aesthetic beauty to your house. People today prefer installing frameless glass balustrades as they offer the following benefits:
        Excellent durability
        Ease of maintenance
        Easy installation
        Obstruction free view from balconies
        Extremely strong and safe
        Highly versatile

Frameless glass pool fence: The modern guard for your pools

It is not just enough if you build fancy swimming pools around your house; you need to make sure that they are completely safe. Various surveys have indicated that around 50% of drowning accidents that occur in pools are due to the non-availability of a proper fencing system that acts as a barrier to the pool. Especially when you have young children at home who enjoy playing in the yard, you need to be extra careful in designing your pool fence as most of the pools available today are barely noticeable from a distance. Traditional pool fences are made of wood and steel. However, glass, especially frameless glass balustrade and pool fence, Annangrove have captivated architects and designers today owing to the numerous benefits they provide such as:
        Aesthetically pleasing appearance
        Efficiency in acting as safety barriers
        Minimum or no gaps between the fences
        Easy maintenance and cleaning
        Highly tough glass
        Resistance to infection and pool water contamination
        Zero obstruction while monitoring the pool

Choosing the right Frameless Glass provider:

        Safe and easy installations: The best glass provider for frameless glass balustrade and pool fence, Annangrove offer easy installation of glass balustrades and pool fences ad it hardly takes time.
        Customized support: The best frameless glass provider will help you in deciding the best glass design and colour based on your needs and preferences.
        Affordable prices: Compared to other materials, glass is relatively cheap and thus saves you a lot of money without compromising on the quality.
        Warranty: The best glass provider for frameless glass balustrade and pool fence, Annangrove should satisfy the quality standards and should provide a period of 7 year warranty for their high-quality products.
Experience: It is always recommended to choose glass providers who have more than ten years of experience in the field, making you rely on them for your safety.

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