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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Small Improvements to the Basement

How can you make your basement more inviting and suitable for a stay - without having to go to major refurbishment projects? What options are there and what rules do you have to comply with?
Have guide from KapitalBasements.

What is meant by small improvements to the basement?

These are relatively inexpensive solutions that do not require changes to the rooms and constructions in the basement. Here you get, for example, ideas on how to rebuild your basement so that it becomes more suitable for e.g. storage, workshop, table tennis room or the like.

What can you do with low ceiling height?

Most cellars have a low ceiling height, which can give a slightly depressing feeling. Of course, this is particularly annoying if you can't stand upright in your basement.

There are limits to what you can do about this problem without having to make big and expensive changes, such as digging out the basement and setting up a new floor.

But you might win some extra centimeters in height by removing carpets and sheets from the floor. And if plates are mounted on the beams in the ceiling, you can also remove them and instead place plasterboard between the beams.

A bright ceiling makes the basement room seem larger. Bright beams also have the same effect.
It is also a good idea to paint the ceiling and beams in a light color. Of course, it does not give more space, but psychologically it will give a feeling that the ceiling is higher than if the ceiling or beams are in dark wood or painted in a dark color.

If you live in a house with 2 floors and basement, you must be aware that the new basement ceiling must be fireproof. When you renovate an older basement ceiling, the new ceiling must meet the new fire requirements.

The ceiling must be a so-called EI60 design that can withstand fire for at least 60 minutes. Normally, you can meet the fire requirement by mounting 2 layers of plaster between the exposed beams.

How do you get a lighter basement?

Most cellars are dark because there is not much daylight coming in. If there are windows, they are usually small up located high in the basement room. It provides both less light and less reflection of the light in the room.


You can gain extra daylight in your basement by painting all surfaces bright and selecting bright materials.

Electric light

The basement can be more light and cozy with the right electric lighting.

Painting the basement floor

The basement floor can also be painted. It can be a nice solution if you just want to use the basement for storage. If the basement floor is dry, you can choose an epoxy or plastic paint.

The paint may be a little longer to harden than you immediately think, so be careful the first week. And ensure good ventilation when painting and while the paint dries.

If the basement is damp, you should choose a diffusion-open paint that allows moisture to penetrate the floor.

Floor painting usually requires very good ventilation when painted on. Follow the instructions carefully and notice what the MAL codes are

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