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Thursday, May 30, 2019

This Is Why Trading Offices Should Have Organized Desks

While the world of algorithmic trading platform is fast-paced and kind of chaotic, this does not mean you have to pay less attention to your desk. A cluttered computer desk is not only an eyesore but can also affect a worker’s productivity. When your office desk is messy and full of clutter, you may not be able to finish your work more efficiently. You are missing your pen or a document that needs to be signed but you can’t find it because your desk is cluttered – this is a classic example of how a cluttered desk ruins an employee’s productivity in the workplace.

If you want your desk to be more organized and sweeter to the eyes, then you may want to follow these few simple and easy-to-do steps:

Remove everything from your desk – The first step is to clean up your desk. Remove the all the items over and under your desk, of course with the exemption of the computer set. After removing the items, clean and sanitize your desk with available furniture sanitizer. Next step is to throw away all the items that you no longer use or need; these may include used papers and empty pens.

Have three box containers – Prepare three carton boxes or containers that will serve as containers for the office desk items. Put all the items you frequently use in one box, and all occasionally used items to another one, paper documents to third box. By doing this, you will no longer have a hard time finding the item you need. You need to sign a document? Then look for it in the box that contains paper documents. It is as simple as that. Now, if you have pens and other small items in your desk, it would be convenient to place them inside a cup or small container so they will not be a clutter.

Place the boxes at the right spots – Place the box where you put your frequently items in a spot where you can easily reach it. This is to provide convenience since you will be using those items on a daily basis. Then, place the box of occasionally used items in a spot where it will not get into your way or disrupt your movements. The third box that contains documents should be placed in an easy-to-reach spot atop your computer desk. The same goes to the cup containing your pens and other smaller items.

Sort papers – It is advisable to sort papers based on their type: to read, follow-up, and to file. Hence, it is recommended that the container for your documents has three levels. One for documents that are subjected for reading, another one level for follow-up documents, and third level for documents needed to be filed. By doing this, you can easily find the document you need, and avoid missing out documents need to be filed, followed up, and read.

Have a waste bin near your desk – Keep a small waste basket near your computer desk so that if you need to throw something away, you will no longer need to stand up and walk your way to the nearest office waste bin. Aside from it saves you time, it also saves your desk from small clutters like food wrappers, petty documents, and other small trashes.

Stick post-it notes on noticeable space – The reason why you have sticky notes is because you want to remind yourself of something, but if you don’t see these notes, you are defeating their purpose. Hence, make sure that you stick them on a space where you can easily see them, say the sides of your computer monitor.

It is not uncommon to see desks at algorithmic trading platform offices that are cluttered, but this does not mean that you should also have one. Instead, make sure that your desk is always organized and clean so you will be more productive and efficient at the workplace.

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