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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Some of the significant categories of hand tools

Before selecting best hand tools, thought about the job need to perform using the particular device. Every tool has designed for a specific purpose, using a tool for anything other than its intended purpose may damages the tool and may cause or gives you pain, injury, and also provides discomfort. You may reduce your chances of being injured while selecting the tools which fits the job you are doing.

Some of the required tools in every category shows a few examples of frequently used tools:

1.    Cutting, gripping, and pinching means

a.    Pliers

b.    Cutters

c.    Snips

2.    Striking tools

a.    Hammers

3.    Driving tools

a.    Hand wrenches

b.    Screwdrivers

c.    Nut drivers

d.    T-handle wrenches

4.    Struck or hammered tools

a.    Punches

b.    Chisel

c.    Nail set

Consider whether you require a tool that provides precision and power. Try to select the tool with the correct handle diameter and grip span. Hand tools that help power task and support while working with some complicated task.

1.     Single handle tools: handle diameter for any power tasks is of 1 ¼ inch and up to 2 inches.

2.     Double handle tools: these are of two types

a.     Closed grip span- helps in some power task and not more than 3 ½ inches.

b.     Open grip span- tools used in power tools are not less than 2 inches.

Tools that help in precision tasks

1.     Single handle tool: handles diameter for the precision task is a ¼ inch and ½ inch

2.     Double handle tools: this has two more categories:

a.     Wide grip span- used for some precision tasks and has a diameter of not more than 3 inches.

b.     Closed grip span- used for the precision task when the width is not less than 1 inches.

Things to remember about hand tools

       One tool could not do all the jobs: if you are trying to use a tool for any position for which it was not designed for, the situation is much harder to perform.

       Tools in the stored as labelled ergonomics tools: never be fooled, you and your hands are the only measurable factor that could tell you the easiest tool and easy to use. Try to pick every tool out there in the market and choose the right one for your hand. As everyone has different hand sizes, strength, and has different preferences.

       How you are using any tool is essential compared to which tool you use: avoid using one tool for a more extended period and doing the same thing over and over again without a rest break.

       An excellent hand tool improves productivity: which helps you to get your job done well.

While using hand tools

1.     Keep hand tools harp and in good condition every time: you need to reduce the force applied and used for the tool and also reduce stress on your hands and wrist.

Try not to use tools with the wrist bend: a tool which has bent handle may also let your wrist straight. So always prefer to buy best hand tools brands in India.

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