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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Difference between electric jack hammer and pneumatic: which one is better

If you have gone to market to buy the jack hammer what frequent question you were going to ask. Maybe, you have the same types of questions I did:

•    Should we go ahead and buy jack hammer, or pick up a rental or from any local hardware store?
•    What type should we get and what type is most comfortable for use: electric, air or pick electric demolition hammer?

Let us dig more into this before making a decision and also to see what could come up with after looking into the variety and chatting with many people more knowledgeable person.

Jack hammer a powerful tool

This is no doubt a moment for everyone, but it was a learning experience for everyone. Most of the experience comes from lighter, more manageable, and handheld tools such as socket wrenches, cordless drills, impact drivers, and a varied list of power tools. When one got hands on even rotary or hammer drill, it is a bit outside of my routine, everyday tool comfort zone.

 These are some of the different reasons why this bad boy is one the common, and leading tool in the construction and even to do it yourself industry because it makes the repair, correction, and remodelling not only possible but even desirable.

Jack hammer

Electric or pneumatic jack hammers alike are used in many professional worlds, their technologies have been steadily increasing throughout the years to significant levels, and are quite common for even us every day joe and jane consumers. Once used to be mostly fine within the city or in constructional sites, crew’s arsenal, demolition hammers have now become easier accessible and very affordable for some ordinary jack and Jill of every trades.

Today, while there are some other options, there are two main types of jack hammers on the market which are utilized daily mad regularly, which are pneumatic and electric. Some people believe that in order to accurately select which of these tools that would also work best for desired applications, so it is better to understand the difference.


Any pneumatic jack hammer is also able to effectively get the breaking task which is done by using high-pressure air from any air compressors. Diesel engines typically power the air compressor itself to provide a sufficient amount of force needed.

The pneumatic setup has two speeds:



When to use pneumatic

An air jack hammer is primarily used when digging a hole, sturdy material such as asphalt or concrete. They are excellent for using in mining, excavating, tunneling, and quarrying as well and are also indeed the go-to tool for many applications.

Popular and common uses would be road, pavement, and highway works, anything which involves rocks, stones, and boulders and personal and also for commercial excavation purposes.


These powerful tools are versatile, excellent, and could be used for a variety of reasons for constructions, mining, and excavation. They could be used for personal and commercial uses.

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