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Friday, March 22, 2019

Valuable Safety Tips for Road Trippers in Australia

The country has a lot spots and experiences to offer to foreign tourists, and if you are the type of traveler who wants to spend weeks or months in the ‘Land Down Under,’ then you may need a car to rent. Renting a vehicle in Australia is quite easy to do as there are numerous car rental services providers you can approach. However, driving in Australia for the first is a different story. First-time drivers in Australia may find it difficult to adapt to the country’s roads and routes at first but by following certain guidelines and safety measures, it could be carried out seamlessly.

If you are planning to do a road trip to attend to retreats NSW, you should know several driving safety tips including the following:

1. Make sure that the car is in good condition – Before going on your trip, it is a must to have your vehicle checked, making sure every bit of feature is in good working condition. Moreover, do not forget to bring a spare tire. It is also advisable to bring with you an emergency kit that should contain torch, first aid kit, and blanket. You would not know what may happen to you while on the road, which is why it is better to bring with you items that can help you in times of emergencies. Also, it is advisable to save the contact number of emergency departments so that you can easily contact them when you get involved in an accident.

2. Familiarize yourself with the traffic situation – It is advisable to know the traffic situation in the routes you are about to take, doing this can help you prepare for your trip. Another advantage of doing this is that you can look for other routes if your original route is affected by heavy traffic. If your vehicle has GPS tracking device on it, it could help you find the best route. You may also want to use map and navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps.

3. Prepare yourself – If you are going on a long trip, it is a must to take a good rest before driving. Your body and mind should be one-hundred percent for a tiring driving task. Driver fatigue can be a factor in an accident, which is why it is vital to take a good rest before taking a long drive. If you feel fatigued while driving, it is recommended to take a break. It is suggested to take 15-minute break every after two hours of driving.

4. Keep an eye on the road for crossing animals – Since Australia is home to different wildlife like kangaroos and wombats, you should expect to encounter some of them on the road. Keep your focus on the road and lookout for crossing animals.

5. Don’t drink and drive – If you have consumed alcohol, there is no reason for you to drive. Australian authorities are very strict when it comes to drunk driving. You cannot drive if you have blood alcohol content above the legal limit of .05 percent.

6. Have map or GPS system ready – Going on a long drive to a destination you are not very familiar with entails you to bring with you a map or better a GPS system. Investing on a GPS tracking device is advised since it can help you reach your destination much faster and safer. However, if you don’t have GPS system, you may opt to use your smartphone.

Driving around Sydney and to and from retreats NSW can be a lot of fun if you know what you should do. Following the mentioned tips can make you a safer and responsible driver. Whether you are going on a long or short trip, it is a must to practice safe driving to assure your own and other people’s safety. 

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