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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Top 10 3-Star Hotels In Pattaya For A Cozy And Thrilling Stay

Pattaya is one of the most-visited cities in Thailand and across the world. When it comes to tourists’ choice for traveling, it is one of their favorites. Known for its pristine beaches, it offers an extraordinary experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Apart from that, it is home to the very popular Wat Phra Yai temple which incorporates the golden Buddha that is a must-visit. And if this was not enough, it hosts cabaret bars and lavish resorts for making your experience even more thrilling!

If you are planning a visit to Pattaya, do experience these things. And if you’re thinking where to stay, then worry not, because here is a list of some of the best 3 star hotels in Pattaya that will help you have a perfect, hassle-free vacation in the beautiful city. Each of these hotels has their own specialty and will cater to all your needs.

Here is the list of some of the best hotels that you can consider for your stay in the city:

1. Bella Villa Prima Hotel

Bella Villa Prima hotel is a boutique hotel that offers excellent services and each of its room is built in contemporary style. Apart from all kinds of amenities that are provided there, it offers a sauna, swimming pool and a fitness center for your recreation time. It is perfect for a cozy stay.

2. Flipper House Hotel

With free Wifi available all day and minibars in every room, this hotel is nearby all the famous places of Pattaya may it be the market or Ripley’s Believe or Not show. Sounds interesting, right? Besides this, it offers massage facility, internet cafe, coffee shop, beauty shop and much more. So, do keep it in your list while searching for places to stay in the city.

3. Tara Court Hotel

Situated on Pratumnak hill, this 3-star hotel in Pattaya offers picturesque views and has a well-equipped kitchenette and a rooftop pool. The rooms of the hotel have a modern decor and the hotel also provides a fitness center where you can work-out during your stay.

4. Travelodge Pattaya

Travelodge offers a rooftop swimming pool and a fitness center for the most luxurious stay while holidaying there. The hotel also offers all the amenities you will need on your vacation! The rooms are lavish and airy, with private bathroom, free WiFi, showers and more.

5. Grand Hotel Pattaya

This is one of the unique 3-star hotels in Pattaya which boasts a sun deck and is perfectly situated on the popular walking street. The hotel offers picturesque views of Pattaya Bay and air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi available full day. The rooms are built in Thai style and will give you a nice stay experience!  

6. Zing Resort & Spa

This is one of the best places to stay in Pattaya as it will make your stay extraordinary and give you a soul-stirring experience. It offers many interesting activities to indulge in during your stay like an outdoor pool, steam room, sauna and more where you can spend a good time. So, consider this while choosing your place!

7. Areca Lodge

With minibars, electric kettle and fridge in each room, this lodge is a perfect place to stay. There is a private balcony in every room and several other amenities like TV, tea and coffee machines. You can also relax in the sauna and work-out in the fitness center.

8. Costa Village Pattaya

What makes this hotel different is the fact that it has Mediterranean-style rooms and a garden which makes for a perfect candlelight dinner offering inter-continental dishes. Each room has free WiFi and a private balcony.

9. Noursabah Pattaya

Located in a tranquil area, this is one of the best hotels to stay in Pattaya. It features classy rooms built in Halal style offering a private balcony and free Wifi. There is an outdoor pool where you can relax during the day. For satiating your little hunger, snacks and coffee machines are available.
10. Royal Palace Hotel

This hotel is nearby the beach and the ‘Walking Street’. Offering sea and garden views that will give you a heartwarming experience, this hotel is perfect for a cozy stay. Apart from that, it also provides Thai massage, swimming pool and sun diners.

With this list of some good 3-star hotels in Pattaya, you won’t have to worry about a comfortable and relaxing stay in the city while you are exploring it. They offer almost everything you’ll need on a holiday so that when you come back tired and want to relax, you can do so without any hassle. They all are located near beaches and markets so that you can go for a walk at night and savor some famous Thai dishes. Consider these hotels and make your staycation interesting and pleasant!


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