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Monday, March 4, 2019

How CloudOYE VPS Server helps to boost your Business Performance?

Virtual Private Server hosting provides the customers the root access to their server, dedicated resources along with a hosting environment, such that there exist no other sites which happen to share their resources.

This implies despite the fact that there can be several virtual machines over the similar physical server, customers are under a segregated environment with dedicated resources (RAM, Storage) as well as virtually allocated CPUs which nobody will touch. Moreover to this, with root access, customers may perform various technical transformations which are not permitted over a shared hosting procedure. Customers receive the standard performance, management, and durability often which is stored for dedicated servers, however at a much lesser cost.

Features of our Virtual Private Server Hosting

Immediate Provisioning

Our Windows Cloud Virtual Private Servers are built such that they will be supplied instantly.

Industry Level Hardware

Our Windows VPS hosting servers are designed with industry level hardware such as SSD storage, RAM, and many more.

Durability and Management

With Windows technology redefining the Windows Cloud Virtual Private Server, customers will receive extreme durability and management with their Windows Cloud Virtual Private Server.

Robust Control Panel

Our cheap VPS server hosting is provided with robust control panel features consisting of Plesk to handle the Windows Cloud VPS.

Highly Secured Network
Our Windows Cloud Virtual Private Server is hosted within leading data centers and are protected by DDoS protection.

Award Winning 24x7 Assistance

We provide 24*7 assistance for customers. Customers can contact us 24x7 through Phone, LiveChat and even Email tickets.

Customer Platform

Customers receive power customer view, consisting server along with site admin. It is built for customers who aren’t reselling services, however, require the complete power of control panel options.


We offer widest server security features created within the core through Atomicorp ModSecurity Rules, CloudFlare Server Shield along with outbound antispam.

Plesk Mobile Manager

Plesk Mobile provides administrators as well as clients mobile access to control their domains. If customers are the sole administrator of their server, they can even access plenty of server management options, consisting viewing services over a server, server health, OS information, stop, restart the server, start and furthermore.

Virtual Private Server hosting is now a remarkable feature for several entities. It is offered as a machine which executes its replicated copy of the Operating System. This assures that various customers will possess the services of a dedicated server, without any additional prices.
Customers usually have three existing features when it is regarding Virtual Private Server hosting: Windows, Linux or Mac. However, each of them will get the job completed, Windows Virtual Private Server hosting service or numerous server set-ups which utilize a Windows platform have lots of special benefits.
Let Us See Those Benefits:

Extra Control over Web Server


As a famous interface, Windows provides a large quantity of functionality based features. Internet Information Services (IIS) is embedded within all windows server installations. This implies that customers will utilize most of the popular web-driven technologies.

When it is about database connectivity, Windows possess loads of remarkable features. From Microsoft-based SQL server to Postgresql, customers have several options.

Extra Effective Mail Management

Usually, customers don’t prefer their emails getting hosted by a third-party. If such a case occurs, Windows VPS will be a suitable feature. Smartermail by Windows is basically an email management software which assists customers to handle emails more efficiently. It will even sync contacts, calendars, and many more from Microsoft Outlook.

Higher Scalability Features

As their business extends, they will decide to broaden their hosting plans. With the usage of Windows Virtual Private Server, they are having all types of features. From higher data storage capacity to enhanced bandwidth, they will easily increase to a more embraced plan without any kind of problems.   

Higher Resource Usage

There may be various examples, like the holiday season, where they can anticipate an increase in traffic to their website. Windows Virtual Private Server can enable customers to cater to such major instances. With high-level features along with greater resources, it assures that there occur no issues.
Windows Virtual Private Server is also quite affordable. Customer will select cost-effective plans with respect to their requirements. Windows Virtual Private Server enables customers to receive costs nearer to shared hosting, however without any risks with performance-based troubles.

Administration Advantages

Microsoft has high expertise in offering technology-driven solutions and it understands exactly what customer’s desires. From a complete update control to in-depth personalization, Windows Virtual Private Server is remarkable for IT experts.
With all the aforementioned benefits, we provide Windows VPS hosting solutions.  We have a team of highly qualified experts, we offer a large number of plans for all types of businesses.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Uses


Simply launch a traffic-ready eCommerce site. Install OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop and so on so forth with just a single click.

Several sites

Host several sites without influencing the response time of any single client, because of our segregated environment.

Web or database server

No matter it is a MySQL database, Linux or Apache web server, our Virtual Private Server allows customer to build a web or database server immediately.

Resource-heavy applications

It assists in business applications, various financial web-based applications. CRM, Social media and Real estate oriented applications. Our Virtual Private Server is designed to manage all of them.

Email server

Configure and completely manage their own email server. Execute undefined mailboxes as well as addresses for their business or customers.

Test environments

Modify test servers immediately across various continent to validate the response times of their application or site.

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