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Monday, March 25, 2019

Here’s How to Find the Kukri Machete Just for You

The kukri or “khukuri” is a kind of knife that originated from the South Asian Country of Nepal. It has a very distinct look that makes it look a whole lot different from than normal knives. The kukri knife has an inwardly curved blade resembling a machete. It is used as both a tool and a weapon in the country of Nepal. Kukri machete is a renowned cutting tool all over the world. Its popularity has now grown past its originating country of Nepal and has now taken the knife world by storm. This kind of machete has been used as a deadly weapon in times of war as well as reliable farm equipment in the peaceful times, rightfully earning it a mythical status in the country of Nepal. This overall versatility and intricate design made it one of the most sought out tools by survivalists and adventurers. With that said, these things have become concrete reasons as well on why choosing the best kukri machetes is hard and will be a tall task for beginners.

What Makes Kukri Machete A Must Buy

A lot has claimed that the kukri has never even been damaged in battle yet making them earn countless praises for its hardiness in combat situations and many more. This seemingly mythical claim does not need that much defending from its enthusiasts anymore because it is indeed a very tough machete. It can be quite thick, reaching a quarter inch in fact, and are normally made from high carbon spring steel that makes it both reasonably flexible and unbelievably durable. These characteristics do make the kukri machete one of a kind and indeed very impressive. But even though the blade itself seems to be quite suited for combat, you can count on it as well on basic survival or foraging tasks such as clearing plant growth and chopping wood.

Its unique and intricate design makes it a feast to the beholder’s eyes.  The curve on its blade is so slick that it makes you think that it can cut through anything. Looks very menacing, powerful, and yet somehow graceful, the kukri machete sure is a thing of beauty. Serving as both a melee weapon and a farming tool making this kind of machete has been in demand among farmers, martial artists, soldiers, and art patrons.

How to Choose the Right Kukri Machete

Before you start buying a kukri machete for you, of course, you would need to determine first what you’ll be using it on. Selecting the right kukri machete falls down to you knowing the situation you’ll be using it on. Remember that every blade is different and every number of fillers is made for different purposes. A kukri machete that might catch your attention and interest may not be suitable for something that you intend to use it on. So that is why you should first, know your purpose and then look for something that will ultimately fulfill that said purpose just for you. That is how you should approach on how you should purchase the right kukri machete for you. Here are some suggestions:

•    For Combat

The kukri is initially built for combat by the Nepalese, thus making it its primary purpose. So if you are deciding to purchase one for that purpose itself, one made in high carbon spring steel is the one you should get your hands into. Go for a weapon with two or three fullers as the higher number of fullers usually means that its weight will be lesser.  Determine your combat style whether you rely on your agility or your strength. Shorter blades are suited for swift movements and quick reflexes while those relying on their brute force and power should go for the longer blades.

•    For Chopping and Cutting

If you need this machete for simpler tasks such as cutting, peeling, and chopping, high carbon spring steel is still what you should be aiming for. Kukri machete blades without fullers are the ones most advisable for heavy duty cutting or chopping. However, if you would use it for merely grass cutting or brush trimming, a two fuller blade will be just perfect. Knowing the type of blade suitable for a specific situation will cut whatever it is that you want without taking a significant toll on your stamina. As far as its length though, the longer the blade means you can clear a greater area of grass or bush and is also capable of chopping thicker wood.

•    For Symbolism

The kukri machete does indeed look very symbolic and mythical. That is why it is to no one’s surprise that a lot has been purchasing these blades for the sole reason of aesthetic purpose and to add to their prized possessions that will never be used for anything other than that. If this is your purpose for wanting to buy one, you may want to look for a traditional “kami” or a native Nepalese producer that can provide you with a traditional kukri machete with special parts like the “cho”, ”aunlobal”, and handle rings. Of course, the other features such as the number of fullers and the blade’s length will be for you to decide for yourself already.

Ever since its origination in 1810’s Nepal, the kukri machetes have been associated with both violent combat and peaceful farm work and are intended to be extra durable, heavy-duty tools. So that is why if you are going to opt for a kukri machete you should generally look for one that is thick and weighty as possible while still very comfortable to use as that is what kukri machetes are made initially to be. Determine what it is that you will use it for and search the machete that is rightfully for you. May it be for combat, cutting or chopping wood, or for collection purposes, there is a kukri machete out there that is rightfully suited just for you.

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