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Friday, March 1, 2019

Jeff Breault - Conducting Safety Before Racing Tournaments

Jeff Breault is very passionate about different types of cars and automotive racing. He is the Vice President of the Carey, Thomas, Hoover and Breault brokerage firm in Wichita in the USA. Jeffrey Breault is fond of listening to country music and loves listening to his favorite songs in his spare time. In the field of professional car racing, he says safety checks should always be done by drivers before the start the race. 

How should professional car racing drivers conduct safety checks before events?

Every car racing driver should check the mechanics and parts of the vehicle he will drive in the race. There should be no room for flaws. Experienced car racing drivers know their cars well, and they conduct thorough checks of the car before the race, If you are a newcomer and not sure about the detailed mechanics of a car, you can always hire a specialized professional to do the task for you. Talk to them and ask them to check the brakes, the accelerator, the levels of oil, the steering functions and more.

Conduct test runs of the vehicle you will drive before the final tournament

There are race tracks that allow you to conduct test runs of the vehicle you will drive on the final day. Take your car to these tracks and check its performance so that you later do not face problems on the final day.            

You should also visit the track you will be racing on the final day and understand the circuit well. Draw a picture of the track and make a note of the strategic points you should be careful of. When you are racing on the final day, having a mental picture of the track improves your vision. You will be informed of the turns and corners better. This knowledge improves your performance on the track to a large extent.

Attend workshops and driver education programs if you are a newcomer

If you are a newcomer to the field of car racing and want to improve your skills before the tournament, attend workshops for learning techniques from skilled and experienced car racing professionals. They also give you valuable insights into cars that you should know when you are entering into professional car racing tournaments. You should ask them questions and clarify all doubts so that you can focus on the race and use the correct techniques safely.

Jeff Breault says newcomers should also practice on their vision and techniques so that they excel in them on track. They should learn from their mistakes and ask experienced coaches to help them rectify them. Car racing does not focus on speed; it entails smooth movements of the car so that the driver can navigate the car on track effectively. The movements should be slow in the first few laps and speed should be picked up gradually. This avoids the driver to lose control of the car and overturns of the vehicle on track. Preparing for a race takes time and patience. Good preparation increases your chances of winning the race with success safely! 

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