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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

When Is The Right Time To Gift Your Colleague?

Giving gifts is an important part of one’s social life. You gift you friend and family at their birthdays, marriage anniversaries and other occasions too. There are different occasions when one can give gifts to their colleagues. But the real question is how to identify that this is the right occasion to give corporate gifts in India, or what kind of gifts would suit fir this occasion. Following are a few times when you can think of giving gifts at your office:-

After the completion of a project or job

One can think of giving gifts to their team after the completion of a good project. If you are a team lead and want to have a cool image among your team mates, there is no better time than this. You giving those gifts after the completion of a project means that you are praising the hard work your team has put in for the completion of project. You will definitely be loved by your team after this gesture and it is very important that the team should not do the work you tell them to do, out of fear of getting bad grades but because you share a good bond with them and they understand what you actually expect from the team to be. This will more likely be appreciation gifts for employees.

Wedding, Birthday or birth of child

These are a few informal occasions where you definitely want to show the next person that you are with them in their good times. Giving gifts at this time means that you are happy with the good things going in the person’s life and wish that he stays happy for the life ahead too.

Celebrating a promotion

Getting a promotion is of course a time to be happy, a time when the person feels rewarded of his/her hard work. By giving gifts at this time means that you believe in him/her for the job and you are showing him a gesture that he deserved the promotion for his hard work. This is one of the occasions you would not want to miss if you have a daily interaction with the person and you have a nice bond with him in terms of professional life.

Acquiring a new client or other business-related accomplishments

With growing business there are times when you are successful in getting a good deal for the firm you are working in. This is a thing to celebrate and share gifts too. Think of a time that your project has attained a very good profitably percentage that the firm is happy with your team. You can share gifts at these little moments also.

Secret Santa’s and Secret gifts for new year

These are a few events every corporate company or almost every business unit organizes. In this you will have to pick a slip and whose name come on the slip you will be him/her secret Santa. You are supposed to get him a gift. People often gift useless things at such times, but you will definitely have a good impression if your gift is really useful to the person.

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