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Friday, February 1, 2019

Vacuum Cleaners vs. Sweeping: What Makes Vacuuming a Better Option?

Have you ever thought of buying a vacuum cleaner online for your home? There is a high chance that the answer is a “NO”. In India, it is almost like a tradition to have the house cleaned by sweeping and mopping every day. Until that has been taken care of, the household chores are incomplete. This is probably because it gives a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you have taken care of the house by giving it the best cleansing. But, does sweeping and mopping remove germs and contaminants from your home? Consider the following points and compare vacuuming and sweeping as the two methods of cleaning your house:

Dust Removal:

A vacuum cleaner is far more efficient at dust removal than regular sweeping as it sucks up even the finest of the dust particles rather than pushing it around and then collecting it. When you sweep the floor, there is a high chance of leaving dust particles suspended in the air that settle down again after some time. With the usage of a vacuum cleaner, there is no chance of dust settling down as the dust particles would have already been locked away.


While the broom can be used for cleaning the floor, walls and ceilings to some extent, it cannot be compared to the usability of the vacuum cleaner for furniture, carpets, curtains and nooks & corners of the house. These all can be cleaned comfortably with the help of the various vacuum cleaner attachments designed especially for these purposes.


The vacuum hose is long enough for you to be able to stay erect while cleaning the house as compared to sweeping where you need to bend over to reach under various furniture that too with no surety of complete dust removal. Therefore, using a vacuum cleaner is more comfortable for your back. Once you have vacuumed the floor rather than sweeping it, mopping becomes easier as there is less dirt to be taken care of.


Using a vacuum cleaner also helps you save time spent on the cleaning chores. As it captures the dust easily and quickly, you need lesser time to get rid of all the dust. The powerful motor of the vacuum cleaner quickens the work and the lesser amount of dust helps save time on wet mopping. So overall, it leaves you with more free time for other activities. You can also save time by ordering your vacuum cleaner online and have it delivered it to your home.

Noise Levels:

This is one aspect where we can say that the sweeping method gets a higher score. The conventional method of sweeping does not make noise, while vacuum cleaners do. But, with improvements in technology, you can buy a vacuum cleaner online with the specification of low noise. Some compromise on the decibel levels is justifiable for the many other advantages of vacuum cleaners over the broom.

Considering all the points, we can safely say that using a vacuum cleaner is a much better option considering that it leaves the surroundings with a lower level of dust and hence better air quality than what you could expect with sweeping.

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