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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tips to Use a Flat Iron Safely on your Hair

As the day progress to the end, we are often faced with frizzy and disheveled hair. Hair plays a great role in making our appearances look prim and proper. There are different tools in the market that helps s to style our hair differently. Using these tools not only saves us a trip to the saloon but also makes our hair manageable. Straightening out the tresses is the most sought after look these days. Straight hair needs no extravagant updo and goes perfectly with almost all occasions formal or informal. If you are concerned about your hairstyling using a 1.25 Inch Flat Iron to straighten out your hair then here are few tips that will help you to use the flat iron safely without causing damage to your lovely tresses.

Safety Tips for Using a Flat Iron on your Hair

Straightening hair is simple but can be quite tricky if you are not that well versed with using the straightening tool. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve that professionally straightened hair look safely with minimal effort and within minimum time.

1.      Ensure that your hair is completely dry. Apply a serum that resists heat and maintains the straightened look.

2.      Comb through your hair and divide it into parts. Adjust your hair clips accordingly when you take your small sections of hair to straighten.

3.      A 1.25 Inch Flat Iron straightens out hair at once. You can apply it twice on a single section to lock in the straightening and make it stay for long.

4.      Set the heat to a minimum while you apply the heat to your hair. You can increase the heat slowly if needed.

5.      Before applying the tool to your hair clean it properly so that there is no dirt or grease sticking to the tool.
6.      Start straightening from backwards as it gives volume to your hair and also keeps the hair from getting damaged.

7.      Hold the section of your hair away from your face and ears to prevent from getting burnt.

Properly straightened out hair can completely change the look of your hair and appearance. Previously if you were concerned about the after effects of ironing your hair with a 1.25 Inch Flat Iron then follow the above-mentioned steps and see the difference it makes. Get your hair done pretty and prim in a minute with assistance from your hair iron. You can keep the lock straightened for a longer period of time than the usual by applying serums and conditioners that keep the heat locked in and maintains the straightening.

The flat iron is very easy to carry around and fit in your travel bags. It gives a professional touch to your hair. Also, the light weight of the tool is an added bonus. So take your glamorous straightened out tresses with you for a trip around the world. Get ready at a moment's notice with this simple beauty tool and safety tips. Let your hair down. 

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