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Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Secrets of Maintaining the Allure of Your Wooden Table

The grains running along the wood used to make your table make it unique and beautiful. Whether the wooden table will be used indoor or outdoor, the connection you have with it is unbreakable. However, its allure can easily slip away with continued use.
Things that Damage the Allure of a Wooden Table
To understand how to maintain your wood tables in top condition, it is important to establish the causes of damage. The target should be identifying these causative factors and preventing them from damaging the table:
·      Direct radiation: If your table is subjected to direct radiation, the lovely appeal of its grains and shiny appearance can easily fade away.
·     Hot objects: Hot objects placed directly on a wood table can cause unsightly marks on its surface.
·      Direct spills: If food and beverage spill on wooden tables, they can cause permanent stains on the surface.
·   Wetness: Because wood is made of cells, exposure to water for a long period can cause unsightly swelling.
·   Dragging the table on the floor: If you drag wooden tables on the floor, the joints progressively become lose and ultimately damage it completely.
Secrets of Maintaining the Allure of Wooden Tables
To maintain your wooden table in the best condition, it is important to begin by purchasing the right model. Here you should select a table that is sturdy and made from the right wood. One example that will never disappoint is Oak Table. You could also go for reclaimed wood tables. Here are other methods to maintain the lovely allure:
·         Clean the wooden table regularly with water and mild detergent
Whether the table is placed in the living room or outdoors, the surface will always attract dust and dirt. Therefore, you should wipe it off to clear dust and clean with a mild detergent to prevent the formation of grime.
·         Apply a layer of protective finish for a shiny appearance
After cleaning the wooden table, apply a thin layer of finish for a shiny appearance. Here, it is important to note that wood used on the table comprises of dead and hardened cells. Therefore, do not fall into trap of buying finish marketed as “nourishing agents”. The focus should be applying an agent that protects the cells from dampness and gives the wood a beautiful appearance.
·         Use non-invasive methods to remove stains and rings on wood surface
If your reclaimed wood table develops stubborn stains and rings on the surface, only use non-invasive procedures to remove them. These are methods that target clearing the stains without damaging wood grains. The recommended method for clearing stains is hot water with a mild detergent.
·         Protect the table from direct radiation
If your table is used outdoors or next to a window, direct ultra-violet radiation can cause damage to its beautiful outlook. Therefore, it is advisable to use shades or protective blinds that help filter ultra-ultra violet radiation.
During seasons of extreme weather such as summer or winter, you should cover the tables to protect the wood. The covers help to prevent high temperatures or wetness that can damage wood grains. You should also treat the table immediately after summer or winter. 
·         Place the table away from heating devices
If you place hot items on wooden surfaces, it is likely to develop unsightly black marks. Therefore, you should position it away from heating devices such as ovens. You should also avoid placing hot items such as iron boxes and pots directly on the table.
If you have a reclaimed wood table, taking care of it can help to retain their impressive retro outlook for a long time. Remember to also repair damaged parts as immediately as they are noted. 

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