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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Looking into the story of cakes

Cakes are the most popular desserts one can think of. When one looks back to the history the cakes came first to the scene all thanks to the Egyptians. They were the ancient bakers who used sweetened breads, dried fruits and honey and they tasted more like breads.

These days varieties of cakes are available in different flavours and designs. For sending cakes to Pakistan, one can always order from online cake sites.

When one looks into the history of cake baking then after the Egyptians come the Romans. They are the ones who brought wedding cakes to the scenario. The tradition of breaking the wedding cake on the brides head was also started by them. They used to break the cake just as a symbol of good fortune. After the breaking of the cakes the couple was supposed to eat a few crumbs and the guests used to pick up the remaining crumbs. This tradition is still followed in some present wedding scenario.

The word cake has its origin from the Norse word called ‘kaka’ and it later entered the English dictionary during the 13th century. There were many European bakers in the medieval age who loved to bake ginger breads and fruit cakes.  And they used to bake it in such a way that they used to last for months. The other dessert dish that they used to makes was carrot pudding and at present it is termed as carrot cakes. In ancient times carrots were used as substitutes because sugar was very expensive.

When it comes to birthday cakes, their origin dates back to 1400s in the country of Germany where one layered cakes were baked with some sweetened dough for children. During the 17th century people started baking birthday cakes having several layers and sometimes icing as well. Icings then were mainly done with egg whites, finest sugar and some flavours. But these were very expensive things then and only wealthy people could afford such cakes.

Later in the 18th century the baking powder and bicarbonate soda came to the market and it made the baking process much easier and quicker. Around same time the English bakers also came up with some rich sponge cakes called Madeira which was served with the fortified wine of the same name. But their origin is definitely not in Madeira Islands.

Much later at the brisk of 19th century, people started making angel food cakes as well. Then came to the market, the recipe of red velvet cake. Another very important cake in the history of cakes is the Black Forest Cake and it raged US during 1960’s and 1970’s. These cakes were baked with a lot of chocolates and cherries from Germany. The other ingredients used here are chocolate curls, whipped cream and red cherries.

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