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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Features of 9apps app store

Applications have become necessary for all the users of smartphones. Having said that, it is obvious that majority of people have access to a smart phone since it is one most important part of the digital world. To download the apps, you would need an app Store. App Store, as understood by the name is a place in your device where you are offered with a range of applications and could download them either for free or after paying some amount.  In most android phones, Google Play Store is the in-built app Store. However, that is not the only app Store where you could download the apps from. 

9apps is an independent app Store that caters the user's need of applications and games and many more. To know more about 9apps, you must undergo it's features, which are:

Fast Downloads

One of the primary features for any app store would be its downloading speed in various network types. 9apps allows you to experience a fast downloading even in the slow internet zone. Not just that, using 9apps you could download multiple applications simultaneously. That saves your time and kills the wait.

Variety of options

The 9apps app store has so many options for its users. It lists over 10 million apps and games and other media content for the users. Of course, it is an alternative of Google Play Store and if we compare, it offers a huge number and variety of apps and 9apps games.

Constant updates

Every application gets technical changes from its mother company very often. You would be notified about all the updates to enjoy the new features of the apps. 9apps enable you to do so. The applications downloaded from 9apps store get frequently updated and allows the user to come across the new features of the apps.

 Vibrant layout

One of the attractive feature of 9apps is its layout. If you visit 9apps store online, you will notice that it gets designed with colours and attractive graphics that would enhance your experience of using 9apps store.

Small size

Any app that is consuming more space in your phone makes you start disliking it. 9apps, thus, makes sure that its app size doesn't affect your storage capacity. It is a very small-sized app with total storage (including the data and caches is 20.83 mb which is very convenient for any phone.

User Friendly

Working on websites or apps that have complex working structure makes your irritable about them. 9apps store is a user family design and layout that enables users to get access to it without any complications. All the icons are clear and large, the colours used are attention grabbing, making it pro-user.

No Google dependency

Unlike Google Play Store, you do not need to have a Google account to download from 9apps store. It reduces your dependency of Google and enables you to download even without a Google account.

9apps store offers you so much in such a small-sized app. It is not just any other app store, it provides you with a range of choices like 9apps games, video downloader, apps and ratings that could help you decide for the apps.

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