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Thursday, February 14, 2019

6 Ways To Have Fun With Your Photos

Photos are not just pictures they are memories we create over time. One can cherish it even after the moment is long gone. Instead of keeping all your images hidden in hard drive/albums, you can have fun with them. I am not talking about uploading them on social media. But you can get creative with it and adorn your house with these beautiful memories.

Creating Photo Collage is one such option. These are the best way to show more than one photo in the frame. They can become one of the best gifts for occasions like birthdays, anniversary and so on. Photo collages can bring life to a dull and boring wall.

There are a lot of you can make creative photo collages. Let us discuss few of the ideas below:

1. Utilize the Corner

First of all, find that nice corner in your room where you would like to display the photo collage. Stick the photos in such a manner that you utilize the complete space efficiently. Make sure to make good use of the edges of the corner in the room. It will be an interesting and impressing design for your corner space. Moreover, it will grab the attention of the guests entering the room.

P.S. The square prints are perfect for this type of collage idea.

2. Hang it down
We all hang our photos to treasure our memories. You can do this in a way which is a little more creative.  We can make a collage and hang it using a string.  It's a lot easier and a quicker way of displaying our most cherished memories. Also, it is simple and unique. Using Polaroid prints will be perfect for this. Some ways you can do this are:

      Find a wooden plank, using a string we can tie the photos to it and hang it.
     One can also use the hanger for this, tie our photos using a string and hang them.

3. Hang it, frame it

Here we are mixing both hanging and framing of photos in one. It will give a more unique look to the photo collage. It is easy, and all the material required for this is readily available. All we need is a backless frame and thread or wire. Then, hammer in small nails at the proper distance from each other on the vertical side of the frame. Next, tie or wrap the wire/thread around them. Once this is done all we need to do is hang out photos using a cloth hanging pin or mini binder clips. We can either use square prints, mini prints and Polaroid prints or a mix and match of all the three types.

4. Try different patterns and frame of collage

You can create a collage in different shapes like heart, circle, and other geometric patterns. You can also create them in the shape of letters of your loved one’s name. After you complete, the collage, get it framed and either hang it on the wall or keep it on the side table of the bed. You can try different print sizes to give a nice and creative look to the collage.

5. Create a mood board

Photos are memories, which reflect many emotions. We can make a mood board of all the moments captured to display our emotions and also cherish the moment. It's a lot of fun and exciting at the same time. One can put photos along with quotes, stickers and can either frame it or hang it on the wall. For example, one can print all the photos of his friends from school, college and can tie and hang them. They can also give it a more personal touch by adding the letters ‘F.R.I.E.N.D’ to it.

6. Convert a collage into a lampshade
Making a collage and converting it into a lampshade is one more creative way to creating a collage. It not only gives a glow to the room but also brightens the mood. This idea is very famous with the people living far away from home and missing family. One can try to have around lampshade and stick the photos around it. Here is the link for converting photo collage into a lampshade.

Memories should be cherished always, as they never change. With these fun ideas, not only will your photos look amazing, but you will have a lot of fun doing it too.

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