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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Winter Presents Significant Rodent Pest Control Activities

Your home may be your sanctuary, but it also holds great appeal for any rodent that is battling the elements this winter. You may need to contact rapid response rodent pest control specialists at an industry leading firm, Pest Control Berkshire.

Rather like humans, rodents much prefer a quiet sheltered position close to food and drink and they are opportunistic and intelligent enough to lay claim to your space. You may believe that spring is the most active time for rats and mice and this is true in terms of breeding, but they are more prone to investigate opportunities, discover holes or gaps and invade cavity walls, cellars, attics and flat roof spaces when repairs haven’t been effectively carried out.
It’s recommended that regular checks to ensure that there are no rats and mice in or around your home are carried out. Prevention is better than cure; in the winter it can seem too cold, too dark or too much of a chore to check. Please do though, it will be worth the effort. If you recognise signs of an infestation, and even one rat or mouse can leave a trail of clues, then immediately contact rodent pest control specialists.
The more swiftly that rodent pest control treatment is administered, the less likely the level of damage and remedial work. As rats and mice habitually scratch at surfaces, use paper, cardboard and materials to create nests, and rats are liable to gnaw at and through brickwork and electrical cabling causing structural and fire risks, it is common sense as much as preference to get a comprehensive professional treatment through experienced, licenced rodent pest controllers with British Pest Control Association membership.
The cost of calling in professionals to carry out a thorough survey, execute the appropriate eradication measures and provide a guarantee is surely worth the peace of mind? Moreover, most mortgage and insurance companies insist on a specialist treatment and advice. DIY “cheap and cheerful” measures could easily risk the validity of policies and agreements. You may still require treatment from a specialist if the less effective options have allowed the issue to remain. Why lengthen the duration of stress?

Know Your Enemy

The most likely species you’ll encounter are the Norway or Brown Rat and the House Mouse.
Rats and mice are loyal and intelligent; they won’t relocate to oblige humans, whatever the season. They’ll be keen to remain in your home long after they’ve outstayed their welcome this winter and they have learned how to consume many over the counter poisons without suffering from any ill effects. Thwarting their plans requires a specialist approach which reduces the probability of them informing other rodents that there is a risk in the environment.
Pest Control Berkshire also serves Hampshire and Wiltshire and offers a rapid response time. Their team drive unmarked vehicles and wear uniforms without logos or the company name on them so if you’re concerned about unwelcome comments from neighbours, be reassured that they are wonderfully discreet and committed to resolving your issue efficiently and cost effectively

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