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Friday, January 4, 2019

What to Know Before Buying a DSLR in India on EMI Without a Credit Card?

These days, everyone dreams of purchasing a DSLR for fulfilling their passion for photography. However, financing can become an issue. DSLRs come with a hefty price tag when compared to point and shoot cameras. Entry-level DSLRs will come with price tags of above Rs. 20,000 and it can go beyond six figures in case of professional DSLRs.

Paying the full amount upfront can be heavier on customers pockets. People generally opt for credit cards to make such high-end purchases. However, consumers without credit cards find it difficult to buy their desired camera. If you dont have a credit card, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv provides best deals and offers on cameras for DSLR lovers. They bring pre-approved offers on product financing, personal loans, business loans, mortgage loans, etc. making the fund available process easy and quick. Submit only your name and mobile number to check your pre-approved offer.

You can buy DSLR on EMI in India from this NBFC.
Hence, with such exclusive financial solutions, here is a buying guide to consider before one purchase a DSLR shortly.


It is better to have entry-level DSLRs for first-time users. There are mainstream companies like Nikon, Canon, and Sony which offer frugal cameras with class-leading features. There are a few things users must look out for before going ahead with a purchase.

Beginners tend to emphasize exclusively on the megapixel of a camera before everything else. However, there’s more to a DSLR than mere pixel counts. ISO, shutter speed, phase detection system, inbuilt stabilization - these are the several factors which play a big part in taking that perfect picture.

For example, Canon EOS 1500D is an excellent entry-level camera. It comes with features like 24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+ image processor. There are many more attractive features to unlock that justify its price which is under Rs. 30,000.


A mid-range DSLR is, of course, a few notches ahead. These DSLRs come with more manual features for more control over field depth among others. A faster or upgraded image processor also powers them with a possibly longer exposure. The resolving power of the LCDs also remains higher.
These mid-range shooters come with better image buffer capacity along with faster image processing engines. They also have a larger array of connectivity features including Wi-FI. Some models may also enable an off-camera mic in sync with HD video features.

Cameras like Nikon D90 is one of the best mid-range priced under Rs. 50,000. It has features like Live View with contrast detection AF, Expeed image processing engine etc. Users have the advantage of buying this Nikon DSLR on EMI in India with minimal processing fees.


DSLRs falling under this category are typically the flagship cameras with advanced autofocus system for starters and multiple cutting-edge features. It is better to opt for mirrorless cameras when it comes to professional photography.

These shooters come with advanced features like -

       Better weather sealing
       Viewfinder shutter
       Higher battery life
       Upper frame bursting rate
       Advanced metering system

Perhaps the most important feature which separates pro DSLRs from mid-range ones is that the former full-frame where the latter comes with smaller APS sensors.

Shutterbugs get premium experience as they capture decisive moments with faster frame rates. The cameras under this genre also have the best durable body. Top brands include an exposure monitor system along with an on-screen live histogram.

With such an impressive set of specs, professional cameras are a treasure to buy. They can cost up to Rs. 5 Lakh, perfect for professional photography and videography. Money is no more an issue as professional DSLR on EMI in India is available making purchase affordable.

Apply for financing to buy your desire camera and divide the lump sum amount into flexible monthly installments. Make your purchase on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network by swiping the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and get No-Cost EMI on the DSLR camera purchase. Here, you only need paying the DSLR’s price in the form of EMIs and no other extra cost. Not only that but you may receive exclusive discounts and offers as well. Bring home the product on EMIs by purchasing online or offline from more than 60,000 stores spread over 1,300 cities. Besides, you also have the option of flexible repayment over a tenor from 3 to 24 months. Using the EMI Network Card will help you complete your purchase. Or, you can also avail in-store financing by approaching representative at the store if you don’t own a card. Only provide with some basic documents like your KYC details and a canceled cheque.

So, people devoid of credit cards can also now buy a DSLR on EMI in India with such loaded features and benefits.

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