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Thursday, January 24, 2019

What To Do On A Long Layover At A Kuwaiti Airport

Are you traveling to somewhere and having a halt for few hours at a Kuwaiti airport? What have you planned to do during your layover? Going to sit at the airport lounge idly and grasping some lip-smacking snacks there, which may costs you more than the affordable market price or may be roaming here and there inside the airport to kill the time! You will soon be frustrated out of boredom and your wanderlust soul will push you to run away from the concrete walls of the airport to discover the outer city.

Sometime to reach our desired destination, we may have to change our flight at a particular airport. The duration between both flights may reach up to more than 15 hours. If you don’t want to wait at the airport lounge in between the time, you can contact for Kuwait Transit visa. Transit visa is a non-immigrant, short-term visa, which allows the traveler to tour the intermediate airport cities en-route where they have to change the flight for their onward journey.
Looking at the halt at their airports, many countries are providing transit visa facility to the travelers, who wish to discover the city for a short duration. Looking at the popularity of Kuwait among globe-trotters, Kuwait government has introduced the transit visa along with other visa services. Though, this visa doesn’t allow you to stay in the country, but you have to fulfill some particular criteria to obtain this visa. Generally, you can avail transit visa at the intermediate airport, but if you want to avoid spending time there on documentation process, you can get it through Kuwait Visa Consultant in Delhi. Kuwait transit visa allows you to stay for maximum 7 days.

The documents you need to submit to obtain transit visa for Kuwait are as follows:

  • As mentioned by the Kuwait ministry, to apply for a transit visa, you must hold a valid visa for your onward destination
  • You must hold a confirmed flight ticket for your onward journey
  • Passport which must have minimum 6 months validity
  • Your recent passport size photograph

If you are able to fulfill all these requirements, you will be provided with transit visa. Kuwait city is just 10 miles far from the Kuwait International Airport and you will get a taxi to reach the central city. From Kuwait tower, Liberation tower, a luxurious spa at Elysium Health Spa to shopping at the shopping emporium at Villa Moda, which is 1,000,000 square foot mall, Kuwait has a lot to offer you.
So, next time, if you are having an intermediary flight from Kuwait Airport, make sure, you have a valid transit visa to get a quick glimpse of this beautiful land.

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