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Thursday, January 24, 2019

What to Do on a Long Duration Flight

The longest flight journey in the world is 19 hours long, which flies from Singapore to Newark. Whether you are travelling for business purpose or for leisure, if you are taking this route, you definitely need to think, what would you do in between the time of your journey. Whether it’s a 19 hours or 8 hour journey, it will definitely be a hectic one. Even sitting idly can give you the hardest time of your life during your flight journey. We can’t assure you to have the best trip in the longest flight journey, but it can be a better experience, if you follow some tricks.

Pick a comfortable seat

In a long-haul flight journey, it is recommended to select your seat prior to your journey, so that you don’t have to face issues while sitting, because that’s the only thing you can do during your journey. Opt for exit rows, if you want more leg room to stretch your legs. To roam around the plane a bit more freely, ensure that you get an aisle seat.
If you want to avoid the loud cries of baby, avoid the front of the planes, as these seats are specially provisioned for babies.

Wear comfortable cloths

Don’t always follow the trendy clothes as long-haul flights are not for showing off your clothes. You will rather be irritated and put curse on yourself for choosing the trendy outfit. Instead, wear a comfy and loose dress, which makes you more comfortable. A tight close toed shoe may keep you warm, but your toes too need to stretch up a bit. Carry a flip flop and keep it in your hand’s reach, so that whenever you feel the need to stretch your legs and toes, you can get the one.

Be hydrated

Whenever you feel to drink water, quench your thirst at the moment. The cabin crew is round the clock available to serve you with whatever you may need. Ask for a glass of water or may be a glass of wine is not harmful. Tea and coffee are bae as it keeps you active (at least this is what I think and feel).


When it comes to food, you can select your menu prior to your journey itself. But most of the airlines have their own menu and you just get two options to choose -veg and non-veg. try to avoid sugary or fried foods as it can make you unsettled and bloated during the journey.

Keep yourself entertained

Many airlines provide an LCD display beside each seat, so that the passengers can watch any shows according to their wish. Apart from that bring your own laptop or a tablet, so that you can watch your favorite movie or a match or may be a game on your phone. Don’t fake that you don’t play games on mobile for long hours when at home (wink). Keep yourself busy amidst your favorite activity.

Go for a short walk

Washrooms are not really a good place to visit, if there is no such emergency. But this is the only opportunity, where you can stretch your legs and give your body a movement. Sitting for a long time in the same position may stiffen your body muscles and it also increases the chance of developing deep vein thrombosis. Although, there is not much room for you to walk, but you can see many of the travelers are doing the same thing as they are dealing with the same issue like you. Try not to disturb others while looking for your own comfort.

A long duration flight journey can cause you body ache and you will be tired. Keep one day for yourself just after your arrival, so that you can relieve all your pains and get enough rest. Don’t schedule any meeting or program on the day of your arrival. A long journey also demands you a huge amount. Try to look for an online international flight booking portal to get cheap and reasonable air fare.

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