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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How to Strengthen Your Entrepreneurial Network

There are few things that work as well for a business as a strong entrepreneurial network. It helps you to build a valuable relationship with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

When you’re facing obstacles and challenges, having a strong entrepreneurial group which has diversity in terms of industries, experience levels and age can prove to be extremely helpful.
Following are some ways in which you can build a good entrepreneurial network:

Getting Involved in Local Business Community

There are close to 6 million small businesses in the United Kingdom and this means there are more fellow entrepreneurs than you may imagine there to be. You can obtain details of local meetup events on the internet which cater to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
If you feel that introducing yourself to an owner can be the beginning of a potential beneficial relationship you shouldn’t hesitate to take the first step. Arming yourself with pastry and coffee make for a warm welcome.

Being Active in Online Communities

A nice way to connect and engage with entrepreneurs globally is to be a part of an online community. It is an effective way to share insights, ask questions and develop lasting business relationships.
Your activity will be taken note of by other entrepreneurs and this can lead to word-of-mouth business referrals and help you put in place a stronger network.
It may be difficult to get in touch with a local online community for businesses but with a little bit of research you may be able to find one that is suitable for your requirements.

Talk to As Many As Possible

We come across new people in our life on an almost daily basis. If you think about it each new person that you meet is a potential new contact. Whether you’re sitting in an airport lounge while you wait for your flight or out in the town for an happy hour, there is always the scope to meet a potential contact or a person who knows one.
It will not be difficult to initiate a conversation with a complete stranger once you become comfortable. Unless you put yourself out there there is no way to know who you may be sitting or standing next to. Even casual introductions in non professional settings can kick start a valuable business relationship.

Actively Using Social Media

Few social networks that can prove to be beneficial for entrepreneurs are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each of these networks serve as a platform to network and connect with other entrepreneurs.
Besides being a great place to grow your business network they also provide an opportunity to promote your business in a way which is not very promotional in nature. You can use social media to network with those entrepreneurs that are outside your local market.
Regardless of the status of the entrepreneur you wish to connect with, social media is a level ground bringing within your reach even the most accomplished ones of the lot. Getting a response to your email can be difficult but a posting a tweet to their account can be harder for them to ignore.

Continuous Engagement with Your Network

Continuously engaging with your network and following up on your conversations is as important as broadening your network. You should initiate communication within the first 24 hours of getting in touch with a new person but the effort shouldn’t end there.
Creating a private Facebook group or an email list for your network is a great way to stay in touch and be on an individual’s radar. If you take the necessary efforts, you will almost certainly be the first person that the individual will think of when a suitable opportunity comes along.
You can compile details of what you have been up to in an email with notes and news and send it to your network every month. It will hardly consume a few minutes of your time and will make your network strong.
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