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Sunday, January 20, 2019

How To Slay At Your Prom Night

An evening you’ve been waiting for since the very first day of your high school.  The BIG DAY for every girl standing on the verge of leaving the adolescence and entering the graduation stage. The prom night stays in your Firsts bucket forever. You never forget the memories and happenings of prom night. Wouldn’t you want to look just drop-dead gorgeous and slay in your avatar? Then stay tuned, as we are revealing some of the much-needed tips which will help you slay at your prom night.
  • Sizzle with your smile:

Of course, you would want to make those guys drop their jaws! And what ornament suits better than a smile. A Smile is the identity of your confidence and happy-go-lucky attitude. To brighten up your smile, replace your regular toothpaste for a whitening one. Brush two times a day and stay away from soft drinks and cakes, strictly. The whitening toothpaste will remove stained cells from your teeth and prevent them from getting further yellow.
  • Dress up like a queen:

The most important aspect for a prom night, your prom dress. If your prom dress is anything but ordinary, all your efforts to make yourself remembered are in vain. To choose a perfect prom dress for yourself, you need to know which body type you belong from? There are some typical body types such like: Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, Apple-shaped,and pear. Know your body type and run to a boutique in advance to get your prom dress. Remember, your dress will have to go under several alterations to suit you and your accessories. So, proceed before a month before your prom night.

  • Say NO to oil and sweat:

Keep oil blotting papers in your prom night handbag to avoid your makeup from getting spoiled. Sweat and oil keep you from looking gorgeous and glittery. Also, keep some freshening elements like perfumes and Vaseline to prevent bad smell from your body.
  • Rusticate those streaky faux tan lines:

The day before your prom night, remove tan lines from your fingers. These small things do not feel important until pointed out. Take out some fresh lemon juice and mix baking soda in it until it gets a paste structure. Soda is a natural exfoliated which helps de-tan your nails and skin. After taking a shower, apply and brush this mixture on the streaked area round nails and remove the tan particles from the skin.
  • It’s okay if it is different:

After all, it is your prom night. You have been and will put on normal dresses for the entire life. Do not hesitate when the salesperson shows a short knee-length dress or a one-shoulder dress as your prom dress. To look extraordinary on your prom night is essential, so try and vary your regular style routine.


You better realize that prom night is something that will never come again in your life, it’s a once in a lifetime event. So, brace yourself, get ready and enjoy this beautiful festival of bidding farewell to the adolescent you.

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