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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How Social Media Affects Children

Social Media is popular among kids for several reasons. Children love to share their thoughts and images with their friends online, and it also helps them express themselves.  At the same time, kids are also vulnerable to cyberbullying.

Social Media is the fasted method to spread the word around to the masses. Thus, all kids, adults and even media companies find it very useful.  This article goes on to explain the positive and negative effects of media. It also goes on to show how parents can deal with this issue using the best the parental control App in 2019.

Positive effects of Social-Media
Children can benefit from it with both education and personal development. There is a significant role of media in child development.
Here are a few benefits listed:
        Kids can use it to be more creative, interact with a larger group of people and likeminded people besides socializing.

        It is also a new source of learning for kids. It is an innovative method for kids to seek information on topics of their interest and gain more knowledge.

        Teenagers also communicate using social media and connect to their favourite sports teams or music artists, or other areas of interest. This helps their overall development and be more involved.

        Teenagers get exposure to people from across the globe and gain a broader perspective on life.

        The role of media in child development is more significant than one might anticipate since it also helps them maintain the long-term relationship by staying in touch with friends & family whom they no longer meet in person.

Negative effects of Social Media
There are many disadvantages of kids using social media, cyberbullying being one of them. One of the other issues being that it is very addictive.
Here is a list of the negative effects of Social Media:
        Teens using Social Media tend to check their smartphones for likes or comments on posts all the time. It distracts them from their work at hand and causes them to lose focus.

        Being active on such Apps all the time affects a child's behaviour and affects all their activities.

        Kids tend to spend a great deal of their time on social media and watching videos and photos. This is likely to affect their grades and overall development as well.

        Spending long hours on this is believed to cause mental health issues. There are also higher chances of being a victim of cyberbullying and a decrease in human interaction.

        Teens often take drastic steps due to pressure and react to post or make a fancy post of their own. This is mainly due to the feature of missing out (FOMO) and often leads to depression.

        An obsession of posting on social media makes kids do crazy things. They take too many selfies and post instant updates throughout the day. At times they place themselves him harm’s way just for the thrill of a fancy selfie.

        All kids using smartphones are vulnerable to cyberbullying and cybercrimes like identity theft. However, excessive use of social media leaves the kids more exposed and with a greater chance of them becoming a victim.

        Being hyperactive on social media means parents have no control over the type of content a child gets an exposure too.

        It can affect a child's ability to create healthy relationships outside the digital world.

        With so much information available online, a child can get overwhelmed with information explosion.

What is Parental control software?
There are many positive and negative effects of media, and at times parents require additional help to control kids’ mobile usage and monitor their activities. Parental control Apps help parents who are struggling to cope with excessive mobile phone use of their teenagers.
At times normal conversation fails to take effect as kids disobey mobile phone rules & restrictions. At times like this parent can use parental Apps to place a restriction on mobile use of kids. Apps like these allow parents to schedule mobile phone usage of their children thus preventing them from using social media Apps or gaming Apps all day long.
Here is how parental Apps help control social media access:
     Schedule phone usage:
Parents can stop children from using smartphones all day long and anyhow they please by simply scheduling mobile usage.

For example, parents are often worried about excessive mobile use of children during the day at school or in bed at night. This allows restricting use of Apps like social media, gaming, etc. to just one hour a day before bedtime.

     Block Apps:
It allows parents to block all Apps that are a bad influence on the kids. This includes all Apps like social media, games, etc.

     Block App Install
Parents dealing with kids who are out of control can simply prevent them from installing any Apps on the mobile device. This helps them deal with issues of excessive App use and exposure to explicit content.

        Access level:
Parental control Apps also do give a child an optional workaround. Thus, it does not allow a child to perform a factory reset or uninstall any App to remove the parental software.

Bit Guardian is the Parental control App for 2019 since it has all features a parent need to take control over a child's device. Parents can limit usage of all mobile Apps, keep tabs on their activity and thus protect them from harm; including issues like cyberbullying

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