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Monday, January 14, 2019

How Back Office Outsourcing Changes Your Work Culture?

Administration-related tasks are probably the most boring in any organization. Tasks like filing reports, accounting for expense and managing inventory take up a lot of time and leave the workforce tired and uninspired. This is not how a work environment should be. A great way to offload this work is to outsource back officeto another company and reduce the monotony.

Outsource Back Office for Cultivating Innovation

When you perform monotonous back office operations in-house, you have to give them most of your attention. Overlooking training, employee performance and additional infrastructure can leave you too exhausted to perform other important core-process related tasks.

As a manager or owner, it becomes hard to cultivate innovation in the core team. You are unable to network with potential clients and enhance your business prospects. And we all know, inability to make new clients or bring in fresh projects can be the death of any business in the competitive business world of today. When you outsource back office, you immediately get more time to focus on core-process related tasks. This is why; outsourcing back office makes good business sense.

Impact of Outsourcing Back Office on a Company’s Work Culture

When the back office operations are performed in-house, the workforce performing core tasks does not get as much attention as it deserves. To accommodate a large workforce and for the sake of providing same benefits to all, even the most important employees get average remuneration and incentives. However, when you outsource back office either partially or completely, you can immediately increase the incentives provided to business-critical employees. This helps in checking the attrition rate and also makes the employees more motivated while performing important tasks. The work culture also improves in the following ways:

1.      Better HR policies for employees performing core tasks result in employee satisfaction.

2.      Outsourcing back office helps in cutting the cost of operation, which in turn, allows a company to increase the salary of itsvaluable employees.

3.      Reduced workforce is easier to manage. This makes the task of a manager simple and he is able to attend the queries of employees with greater dedication.

How to Outsource Back Office for Maximum Rewards?

Although back office outsourcing is a great way to enhance the work culture within a company, it should be done with care, in order toreap maximum benefits. Below are a few things that should be kept in mind before outsourcing back office department to another company:

1.      When you outsource back office, you also send critical information of your customers to the back office outsourcing company. To ensure this crucial information is not utilized for immoral and illegal purposes, you should only outsource to a company with a big name in the industry.
 A company with a big name will take proper care of the information as it knows that compromising any information will tarnish its reputation.

2.      Outsource for financial gains but never get too greedy. Looking for the cheapest vendor is wrong as it may lead to the hiring of a company with insufficient skill. This may lead you to pump in more money into other aspects like training, which will offset the money saved in the first place.

If you are outsourcing to a company in a different time zone, then you should ensure that the difference in time does not hamper your workflow. Some tasks in back office work requiresreal-time communication, which is why, you should always consider the time zone difference before overseas outsourcing.


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