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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

When to Hire a DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested while driving under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol or drugs, you are probably facing some serious charges now. If it is a minor infraction like a first-time offence, you may get off with just a warning. However, it is always advisable to hire a DUI lawyer, especially if:

This is not your first arrest

First offences can be let off with just a warning. A stern warning is considered enough deterrence for someone who may have just made a mistake. But a second offence shows that the person has not taken the warning seriously. A repeat offender is a danger to himself/herself and others. Penalties in such cases can be severe, including jail time, heavy fines and the confiscation of driver’s license. A lawyer can help in minimizing the sentence.

If you think you are not guilty

Do you think that the arrest was faulty? Perhaps, your crime was not as extreme as the police claims. If you suspect that there is any irregularity on the part of the police, you must demand to see a lawyer immediately. Getting arrested can be extremely upsetting and the police machinery is big and powerful enough to intimidate most people. But remember that you have the right to a legal defence, no matter how small the crime. If you think that you’re not guilty, you must ask for a lawyer immediately.

When there is damage to property

If there was damage to property as a result of reckless driving, the charges will include compensation for the damages. But it may include other penalties. Hiring an attorney is advisable to see that the penalties are not severe. A lawyer will also ensure that the right procedure was followed in ascertaining damages and deciding charges.

When there is injury or loss of life

 Hiring a lawyer is critical if there is an injury or loss of life involved. One could be facing severe charges, including life term. In such cases, the police will use its considerable machinery to prove the charges. This will include technical experts, forensic evidence and so on. You have a right to a legal defence in such cases and given the gravity of the charge, you should look for the best DUI lawyer you can find. A lawyer will ensure that the correct procedure was followed when collecting evidence as well as during any interrogation. The police is expected to stick to a well-defined procedure and any deviation can help your chances.

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