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Thursday, December 13, 2018

What are the VLSI training courses that are offered in their training institute?

VLSI stands for very large scale integration which helps in the determination of the levels of integration. The main key factor in the growth in the VLSI Technology is apparatus of the transistor. Also, VLSI has some benefits to offer which include the following:
      ·         It curtails the size of the circuit
      ·         It provides bigger reliability
      ·         It also curtails the efficient loss of the devices
      ·         It escalates the operating breeze of the circuits

The VLSI training courses include the following:

Advanced VLSI Design, Verification and Testing: the certified DVT course makes sure that the graduates will be able to walk hand in hand with the standards of the industry in terms of soft skills and also the technical requirements. It is a full-time course with a duration of 4 months and an internship that lasts for 2 months. The key features of this course include:

      ·         Timing concepts
      ·         Digital logic design
      ·         Introduction to Linux
      ·         A roadmap to the industry standard practices
      ·         Mock interviews

Corporate Training: this is an end to end training program for all the professionals who are working. The engineers are going to be well trained on all the latest technologies in IC designs, SV and verification methodologies, DFT and the PD concepts. They offer both onsite and offsite training sessions as per your need and requirement.

Advanced VLSI Design and Verification: this is a certified DV course which has been designed in order to bridge the gap between the graduates and real-time standards of the industry. Again, this is a full-time course which has a duration of 4 months and also has an internship period of 2 months. The key features of the course will include the following:

      ·         An introduction to scripting
      ·         Soft skills development
      ·         Mock interviews
      ·         After every module, you will be handed over some mini projects
      ·         Verification methodology
      ·         Exposure to the standard of the industry EDA tools

The best VLSI training institute in India are set apart from the other institutes. What makes them so different? Let us take a brief look at that.

      ·         They make sure to deliver high-quality courses with the experts of the industry
      ·         They also provide you with real-time projects after each module has been completed which gives you in-depth practical knowledge
     ·         They have a faculty which consists of highly skilled professionals who help you through all the unique possible solutions throughout the cycle of the course
     ·         They make sure that they update the structure of the course by adapting to all the changes in the dynamic semiconductor industry
     ·      They also provide you with brainstorming sessions from the experts of the industry across different geographical locations

The VLSI training institutes have strategic goals that they have set which include identifying the needs of the industry in order to deliver high-quality professionals, monitoring each individual to make sure that they achieve their learning curve effects and also they have an emphasis on the real-time industry best practices in a quick, easy and effective way. These goals are well set and they make sure that they are achieved too.

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