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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What are the post-wedding rituals of a Christian wedding?

Christian wedding: The most beautiful wedding that can be seen in India. There are so many different types of rituals that are done in a Christian wedding: the pre-wedding rituals and post-wedding rituals. Here, we will discuss the post-wedding rituals. The post-wedding rituals are those rituals that are done after the wedding such as reception, giving blessings to bride and groom etc. If someone wants to have a bride, groom, divorced bride or groom that should take the help from marriage portal for divorcees, marriage bureaus etc.

Some of the post-wedding rituals that are done in a Christian wedding are mentioned below:

1.           Taking blessings: After, the completion of the wedding, the bride and groom take a blessing from the priest and Lord Jesus. Then they step down from the stage and take blessings from all the elders. After that, the bride and groom are taken out from the church to have a group photograph.

2.           Group photograph: After, the wedding is over; all the family members, friends, and relatives click group photography to remember the day properly. After, the marriage always a photo is captured with all the members invited at the wedding ceremony.

3.           Throwing flowers: After all the above-mentioned rituals are complete the girl is said to throw the flowers that are carried by her in her hands during the wedding ceremony. It is believed that the girl who will catch the flowers will be married the next. This is the most important ritual that is done in a Christian wedding.

4.           Sending of girl to the groom house: After, all the above-mentioned; rituals get complete such as throwing of the flowers etc. the bride is sent to the groom’s house. The girl is sending in a well-decorated with the groom followed by the family members. After this, the girl is welcomed to the groom house by her in-laws.

5.           Reception: This is the most common ritual that is done in every type of religion. The reception is given by the groom’s side. All the family members, friends, and relatives of the groom are invited. The bride family members are also welcomed. The bride and groom wear dresses according to the theme of the reception hall, resort etc. After, all this, the bride and groom are given vows and blessings by the people welcomed or invited to the party.

6.           After the wedding party: After, all the above-mentioned things, the bride and the groom are given a party by their friends. After, marriage first party where they enjoy a lot of dance, party, eat food etc.

These are the post-wedding rituals that take place in a Christian wedding. If someone wants to have a bride or groom according to his or her choice he or she should take the help of matrimonial sites. Even the divorced people can search for bride and groom on divorced women matrimony or divorced men matrimony. These are the perfect sites to find a life partner according to your choices.

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