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Friday, December 7, 2018

Tips to Find the Best Indian Restaurant at Foreign Land

India is a hotspot in terms of food and undoubtedly Indian food has something unique about it, people from around the world love to hop on Indian food and Indian sweets when they get a chance to visit India. However, those who are living abroad often miss the Indian delicacies especially sweets and look for the best Indian sweet shop around them.

For all those Indians living abroad, here are some tips to find the best Indian restaurant serving Indian food Truganina especially Indian sweets and desserts. These tips will surely help you to find the best of the restaurants serving authentic Indian food to satisfy your taste buds:

An authentic taste of India:

Finding an Indian restaurant may not be a difficult task, you may find a number of restaurants serving Indian food at foreign land but what is difficult is to find the one serving authentic flavours of India. Most of the people often look for other factors, for that you can go to any other high-class restaurants, but if you are craving for Indian food then make sure to spot the one restaurant that will take you directly to the streets of India.


Menu of the restaurant conveys a lot about the place. Before hopping on the food look if the menu looks traditional or not. Many restaurants at foreign land have started preparing fusion food in the name of Indian food, and we are sure the one who is craving for Indian spices would not want to try one of these fusion foods? Try eating at the restaurants only of its menu reflects the traditional Indian food.


Indians are known for their hospitality and for providing a warm ambience to their guests, and that is why it is really important to look for that ambience before shortlisting the restaurant where you want to eat Indian cuisine and desserts. Having such a traditional ambience around you will surely add flavours to your food and will enrich the experience of dining.

Ask locals:

The best way to find the most authentic Indian restaurant around you is to ask the local residents. No one else can guide you better in foreign land other than these people. People are really generous in some countries and when you will seek their help or suggestion they will make sure to suggest you the best one to ensure that in their country you don’t end up getting disappointed.

Google it:

If you are not able to find anyone around you to guide, then the best way is to Google the same. You will see a number of restaurants where you can taste Indian food but do not forget to check ratings and reviews given by customers. However, we recommend looking for reviews for last three months only, anything before that must have worked upon by the restaurant.

We hope that next time whenever you will crave for Indian food and desserts, these tips will surely help you to find the best Indian food around you.

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