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Friday, December 21, 2018

The amazing uses of whiteboards in schools which are quite distinctive

For quite some time now, varying options of the white board have remained visible in schools. Previously, they remained in the background, only used sparingly and occasionally. Presently, they are coming into limelight and turning a lot more into active tools for boosting both the learning and teaching processes. Whiteboards are flat, wide planks, whose surface is shiny and smooth. They can be seen practically everywhere on campuses – in classrooms, laboratories, along hallways, libraries, lecture rooms, and even inside football fields, locker rooms, gymnasiums, as well as pool areas. Due to their flexibility, they are quickly turning into favourites among both teachers and students.

Routine activities
Routine classroom activities like discussions and lectures are made a lot more appealing, interesting, and comprehensible with the assistance of these boards. Teachers can utilise coloured board markers to showcase particular names, dates, words, and ideas. In addition, they can plot graphs and charts a lot more effectively with the assistance of the brightly coloured pens. Teachers also highly appreciate how easy they are able to erase markings on the boards. Just a couple of effortless swipes with the board eraser make the surface fully neat and prepared to be used again.

Practice and revisions
Students can also utilise the boards to practice and review their lessons. Subjects like mathematics, art, and spelling can be made a lot more appealing with the assistance of these white boards in Australia. Students can actually utilise the coloured board markers to emphasise particular words, equations, numbers, and solutions. In this way, their learning is made a lot easier and much more comprehensible. Also, drawings can be made to turn out a lot more creative and vibrant with the assistance of the brightly coloured board pens. Students are able to push their creativity and imagination to the extreme by completely using the colours, and the smoothness of the surface of the board which enables them to practice their amazing art effectively.

Projector screen
The boards are also capable of doubling as projector screens. As the surface of the board is smooth, white, and flat, it becomes a truly ideal vehicle when classroom activities like video presentations and slideshows are being undertaken. Projector screens were what used to dominate these kinds of roles in the past. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of these types of boards that are now seen on campuses, both students and teachers have discovered that the versatility of the boards could also be fully exercised during such interesting classroom activities. Therefore, the need and demand for olden day projector screens have been declining slowly, while the needs and demand for these modern boards has kept rising dramatically.

Indeed, these boards are truly on their way to taking up the place of the good olden day chalk boards which had dominated campus scenes for as long as can actually be remembered. The many and varying options of the white board have offered such smart solutions to many among the most troubling and challenging drawbacks that are inherent in traditional chalkboards. For example, chalkboards are associated to respiratory issues and allergic reactions which are attributed to inhaling the dust that’s produced by chalk.

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