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Sunday, December 30, 2018

How Do You Can Survive The College Application Waiting Game?

For many high school seniors, the winter months represent the culmination of a feverish season for progress to college and the beginning of a volatile wait game. Will you be admitted to college or university for your dreams? When, exactly, will you hear from your schools? What should you do in the meantime to distract yourself?

In this Flashman Freshman, we spoke via e-mail with four people at various stages of the tertiary education trip. Below, share their tried and true advice to survive while awaiting college applications.

Focus on preparatory activities. Alexandra Dino, a first-year postgraduate student at the University of Brno, acknowledged that waiting for the admission decision was difficult. In order to overcome the "anxiety and anxiety" she felt, Dennault concentrated on preparing for the college. "I have read countless articles about what to expect in college and how to survive in the first year of college," she said, and asked for advice from old friends who had already started their university trips.

Denault's sister, Catherine Floyd, adopted a similar approach. A university student in Gwynett State, Gwynett State University, New York State University, has made multiple rounds, "just to get to know the campus." She also met her mentor frequently to discuss the options available to study in her remaining time in high school and click here for more guest posting sites list. .

How do you apply this mentality to your waiting period? Floyd recommends determining the productive uses of your time. This may mean searching for potential specialties in a short list of colleges or intensifying the search for scholarships - "anything academic to relieve stress".

Reinvest in your family relationships and friendships. Anna Bowman, a graduate student at Harvard University's first year, has chosen to deal with uncertainty in this time period by "spending as much time as possible with friends and family." Bowman realized she would see a little of her family and friends once the college started, so "I tried to get as much time with them as I could."

Kaitlyn Lineberry also gave priority to time with her friends. In addition to maintaining her activity with color guard and other non-systematic like the annual book, "I took more time to hang around with my friends, something I had not done since the beginning of my elementary year when I started taking AP lessons." Now, Alabama, Lineberry "focuses less on the school during this period of time and more on the fun, which was certainly a good distortion."

While it is important to stay familiar with school commitments and other commitments - with Denault, "Do not forget to push yourself and do what you need to do" - positive life and enjoyment remain critical while waiting for admission. Booman emphasizes the importance of doing "anything that makes you happy," whether it means reading a series of favorite books, watching a movie with friends, or following a new course in the last semester.Read Best Pakistani Story As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Story

"Please take time for yourself, be nice to yourself," says Dinault, "whether it means going ahead, or simply continuing through the day." Know your own limits, do not break yourself, but do not give up.

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