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Thursday, December 13, 2018

All about occupied home staging in relation to shopping your client’s home

Nowadays, occupied home staging is featured a lot more in the global property market. Selling a still occupied home can turn out a stressful situation – for the real estate agent, the current owner, and professional stager. Such anxiety could be avoided easily with the appropriate staging tips in your toolkit. While this type of staging nearly always demands little to no furniture inventory, it certainly demands the capability of depersonalizing the client’s home. It also demands the capability of using the current décor and furniture to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers to get a profitable, quick sale.

As a professional stager, this article offers some tricks for easily ‘shopping’ through your client’s home. They will assist you in sifting through the client’s possessions, choosing the best pieces, and designing the best possible scheme for this type of staging.


One of the most useful tips for staging with current furniture is keeping things within the room’s scale. Ensure that you evaluate the current furniture in this context before you develop your design plan. The wrong scale will turn potential buyers off. Shun items that make the room appear cluttered or are too bulky. Minimalism, as well as a ‘less is more’ attitude, is the best way to travel for this type of staging.


This is where you are free to include some fun textures and colour says a foremost styling & staging company. Borrow items such as throw pillows from varying rooms. Probably a pillow from a bedroom is, in fact, a much better colour for the living room’s décor. Maybe a storage basket from a bedroom could be used in making the bathroom feel a lot more organized and luxurious. You can nearly always bet that your client’s home feature several items that will be well-suited somewhere else. Don’t forget that space always remains the key focus of potential buyers. Even when handling existing décor and furniture, your goal should always remain depersonalization and staging instead of interior design.


If there’s any mirror that’s been forgotten and is sitting in your client’s storage room or garage? Bring such mirrors out from their hiding places. Mirrors can be utilized effectively in rooms that probably feel small. They produce visual square footage in spaces that are actually small. While in bigger rooms, they are verified to enhance the square footage that is already in existence.


In addition, you should borrow art from bedrooms as well as bookshelves around the home of your client. You should snap a beautiful print up from the office. With such prints, create a gallery wall to serve as a focal point of the living area. Gallery walls are known to produce a cohesive, impactful design without the need for art pieces on a large scale.

These are the tips you need to know when it concerns occupied home staging in relation to how you should shop your client’s home for the best property sale results. If you need further information or resources, contact the foremost experts. They are always more than prepared to share the knowledge they’ve gathered through the years to help fellow stagers in expanding their business. 

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