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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

9 Reasons Why You Should Travel in October

October is here, and you want to take a trip somewhere. Are you hesitating because you think it is too late because winter is almost here? Well, don't! October is a great time to travel to many places. You will be surprised to see why October is an incredible time to find the best  international tour packages, travel and explore and experience a new destination.

9 Places to Visit in October

Here are 9 amazing places to travel to in October for a last-minute vacation before winter sets in.

1. Berlin - for the Festival of Lights: It is in autumn that Berlin is at its most charming, thanks to its beautiful tree-lined streets, picturesque gardens, and parks, which are a blaze of yellows, oranges, and reds. October is a great time to visit the city as this is when you can experience the annual Festival of Lights or take in an exhibition or two during the European Month of Photography.

2. Mexico - for the Day of the Dead: Travel to one of Mexico's most alluring cities, Oaxaca, and visit the 1,500-year-old ruins of Monte Alban, which is located close by. For a fascinating experience, be sure to plan your trip for the end of October to catch the festivities of the Day of the Dead, celebrated from October 31 to November 2. You will see locals decorate their ancestors' graves and a spectacular display of a mixture of Halloween superstitions and pre-Columbian Zapotec rituals.

3. Cyprus - for sunshine in the Mediterranean: There is no place in the Mediterranean where you will find summer warmth clinging on longer or more reliably than in beautiful Cyprus. The island still enjoys 9 hours of sunshine day in October, with temperatures peaking at 28 deg C. You will enjoy the sea, which is like a warm bath after the long hot summer. To enjoy October in Cyprus, head to the far west of the island, especially the still largely unspoiltAkamas peninsula and picturesque inland villages.

4. Morocco - for family fun: Looking for a destination for a family adventure? Fly to Morocco. With average sunshine of about 8 hours a day and temperatures touching 80F, October is the best time to visit the country. Its vibrant, rich culture makes it fascinating for children, and also makes up for the lack of beaches to play in. However, keep in mind that Marrakech's popularity means that the best resorts are likely to quickly sell out their cheaper rooms.

5. Copenhagen - for Culture Night and Hallowe'en: One of the autumn highlights of Copenhagen is Culture Night, held on October 12. You can enjoy exhibitions, talks, and special activities at any one of the hundreds of churches, museums, and other institutions. This is also the month for seasonal fun with Hallowe'en at the Tivoli Gardens, which is decorated with countless pumpkins and ghoulish decorations.

6. The Lake District - for shades of the fall: Cumbria is not just England's most spectacular country, but also the wettest. The best thing to do is to go at a time of year when you do not have high expectations of the weather. If the rain falls, go on a wet hike and dry off and get warm in front of a fire in the afternoon. If it is sunny, head out to see the fells looking their most resplendent. This is the time to see the bright red rowan berries, burnt orange dying bracken, and turning leaves in the valley woodlands.

7. Kyoto - for an Asian New England: Traveling to Kyoto will surprise you as it transforms into a place that will remind you of New England. As the ancient capital of Japan is about to undergo its annual autumn transformation, the temples, gardens, and parks burst into a bright, beautiful palette of yellow, orange and red trees. For the ultimate vacation, stay at KannameanNishitomiya, an ancient ryokan inn that is given a luxurious modern twist.  You can enjoy the fresh in a quaint little courtyard garden with 7 tatami mat guestrooms around it.

8. Tuscany - for amazing food festivals: Everything that is most seductive about Italy is captured by Tuscany. You can enjoy the perfect climate, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, glorious art and architecture, and incomparable cuisine. To taste the cuisine in Tuscany at its best, visit the region in autumn. This is when it boasts a rich harvest of pumpkins, chestnuts, apples, pears, figs, chestnuts, grapes, and olives. This is also when locals gather fresh funghi from the woods. Travel to Tuscany in October to enjoy food festivals in local villages that pay homage to the harvest and prepare feasts to delight your palate.

9. Cordoba - for stunning architecture and flowers: This Andalusian gem is a much better destination than the more celebrated cities in Spain, especially in autumn. The city is verdant and shady as temperatures drop to the high 20Cs and water from the ancient underground watercourses turns cooler. When you visit Cordoba in October, you can experience the Festival Flora, where floral sculptures are displayed all over the city. Make it a point to check out the marvelous architecture during your stay.

As you can see, there is no reason to hold your plans to travel in October. There are many amazing places and tour packages that you can visit and enjoy yourself before winter arrives.

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