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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

5 New Indian Dishes Served in Indian Restaurants in Melbourne that Have Taste worth Dying For

What makes Indian food more interesting is its diversity. There are some sweet delicacies and then there are the savory delights, every Indian dish is a treat that leaves your senses dancing in joy. We bet, the best Indian restaurant Melbourne must be serving you the finest Indian delicacies, but, how to decide what to eat when you visit them for the first time.

While you may be known to Indian food, there are some amazing dishes that are relatively new and haven’t been tasted much. These new dishes are delicious and give you all the reasons to taste them right away. So, in this article, we will guide you to 5 such incredibly delicious Indian food items that you must try at the best Indian restaurant Melbourne:

1-     Chicken 65:

If you love the hot and spiciness of Indianspices, Chicken 65 is your thing. It is a spice rich, marinated chicken recipe which includes deep frying small pieces of chicken to get a crisp brown coating. The name Chicken 65 makes it more attractive and also lives to its true taste. It is one of the best Indian food in Melbourne to enjoy with family and friends. As per the telltales, originally, 65 different types of chilies were used in making this awesome dish and hence the name Chicken 65 was originated.

2-      Chaap Taazdaar:

Chaap is the Hindi word for Lamb Chops and taazdaar defines its royal texture and taste. They are made with tender lamb chops which are marinated overnight to let the spices seep into the meat. Once the meat is completely immersed with spices, the lamb chops are exposed to anIndian fire furnace- Tandoor and cooked to a golden brown color. The aroma of this Indian food Melbourne is simply mesmerizing and so is its taste.

3-      Haryali Kofta

You must have enjoyed Malai Kofta all your life, but, have you ever tasted Haryali Kofta? Well, this is one dish that only the top Indian restaurants Melbourne serve to its customers. It is made of a tomato and spinach based curry which is as smooth as butter. Just imagine a version of malai kofta whichis waylighter and healthier. Even the dumplings (koftas) have a spinach, cottage cheese and potatoes in them.

4-      Mango

While some of you might feel ridiculous about the combination, the reality is far from the initial inhibitions. It is one of the best Indian food in Melbourne that you can ever taste. Made with small chicken cubes cooked and simmered in Mango based sauce, this dish is very creamy and tasty. A bite of this incredible dish will leave you wanting more and more.

5-      Falooda Kulfi: 

Although this is a relatively old dish, but the way it is served in Melbourne Indian restaurants is indeed innovative. You get a spoonful of tasty and cold falooda, submerged in a sugary syrup with lots of flavors of rose, vanilla and much more, you can ask for other flavored as well and include a dollop of kulfi, a special Indian ice-cream, to it and enjoy the perfect taste.

These are the 5 Indian dishes served in the top Indian restaurants Melbourne that are innovative and have a taste worth dying for.

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