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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Visit South Africa

When we decide to fly to visit South Africa, the most difficult - and the most fascinating! - is undoubtedly to choose.

One thing is certain: you will not have to favour breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences to the detriment of places steeped in history and culture, idyllic beaches or sumptuous animal encounters.

In travelling to South Africa , you will experience it all.

What to do and see while travelling in South Africa? Depending on the length of your stay.

Beautiful views of the earth, from Table Mountain

Listed in the list of "7 New Wonders of Nature", the famous Table Mountain at the foot of which the city of Cape Town is built, well deserves this distinction: hoisted up to a thousand meters above sea level, the visitor will discover an extraordinary 360 ° view of the city and its surroundings, an exceptional flora and a breathtaking view. One of these places that each of us should put on his "Bucket list"!

A dive with white sharks:

Less than 150 miles east of Cape Town, along the coast, is Gansbaai, and its "Shark Alley", a channel filled with great white sharks.

Diving in cages has developed and many agencies offer this experience: a great educational tool to rehabilitate animals victims of a real genocide planetary for thirty years.

An unforgettable encounter with the animal world: a safari in the Kruger Park

Without question, one of the richest and most beautiful animal sanctuaries on the planet. In 2001, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  Everywhere, with a little luck, you can see lionesses hunting, or maybe even buffaloes running behind lions, a sleeping leopard on its branch, elephants munching in tall grass, springbok aerial ballet , the imposing presence of the hippopotamus, the discretion of giraffes that blend beautifully into the landscape ... One of the great emotions of South Africa!

The landscapes you will discover here will probably be engraved forever in your memory ... and in your heart.

The Orange River and the mythical Kalahari desert: the origins of the world
At the border of Namibia and Botswana winds from the Atlantic to the interior of the country, the Orange River. The journey from Alexander Bay to Augrabies Falls is almost like an initiatory and spiritual journey: from here begins the vastness of the south of the Kalahari , this desert inhabited by the last nomadic Bushman of Africa and a fauna of small animals.

The indigenous magic of Drakensberg Park

A harmonious succession of peaks, snow-capped peaks and vertiginous ravines, the Drakensberg forms an arch of mountains, the highest in South Africa, running along the eastern border of Lesotho, this tiny enclave located in the heart of the country. Its thick forests sometimes overgrown with haze, shelter a diverse and abundant fauna. Some rocky plateaus still contain some of the most beautiful koshan cave paintings in South Africa.

A journey back in time: discover the atmosphere of the small kingdom of Lesotho

Not far from the steep slopes of the Drakensberg, the small kingdom of Lesotho seems to have been frozen in time and space. Here, the transports are still mostly on the back of ponies.

Its exceptionally welcoming and generous inhabitants - whose craftsmanship is well known and considered in South Africa - are still draped in their traditional basotho blankets and seem to want to live forever according to their ancestral customs.

The passes, the fertile valleys and the rugged terrain of this small country very high - in May and June, it is even possible to ski! - make this "Kingdom in the clouds" a natural jewel of authenticity and poetry.

Useful information

Visa: To visit South Africa, it is not necessary to have a tourist visa. Canadians and EU citizens must only be in possession of a valid passport and must be valid for at least 30 days after the end of your stay. A 90-day free residence permit is issued upon arrival in the country. Ask for a multiple entry visa if you plan to visit Lesotho where a free permit will also be issued to visit the country for up to two weeks.

Health: Travelling in South Africa carries some health risks. You can also find the precautions to take on the government of Canada website . But nothing very alarming. Big cities have good medical facilities, but fees can be expensive. It is better to have a travel insurance policy before leaving.

Travel: The car seems to be the best way to discover the country and its more remote corners. If you are several, the costs are all the more interesting. If you do not want to organize everything yourself, but enjoy all the freedom, it is better to join some auto tours.

Safety: Some people are getting worried while they or their family or relatives are travelling. They always conscious about their journey. While visiting South Africa the journey by flights and sometimes by small vessels rush their adrenalin. As we have notice in recent days some major flight mishaps happens. For those it is better to have something like view flightradar German which will show their flight exact location and status at real time. One should have the local police, hospitals phone number to use during emergency.

It only remains for you to take your plane ticket for a trip to South Africa which will certainly be memorable! Hoping now you have the taste to visit South Africa and will help you know what to do and see in this majestic and enormously diverse country.

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