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Friday, November 23, 2018

Top 5 Offbeat Places to Visit in Kerala

The Kerala or Gods Own Country has many offbeat places to go in all seasons. It is a very rear exotic place on the planet Earth known for its vast geographical diversification. It is an international tourist’s destination in South India.

When you book the Kerala tour packages from Ahmedabad online, you must check for the below mentioned five offbeat places to see in Kerala tour.

1.      Chembra Peak

This is the 4th highest peak on the Western Ghats (6,890 ft), which is accessible by mountain trekking in the Wayanad Hill station. From its top, you can view the Karnataka State and the Kerala side. Its top peak plateau has a beautiful heart shaped natural pond. It never dries up in the summer season too. It is the best place to spend your leisure time on this peak with cool breeze of wind and flowing mist all around you. You must visit its mountain rock caves, waterfalls and tea estates once in Wayanad District of Kerala.

2.      Silent Valley National Park   

The name itself is enough to say it is a silent valley. It is a natural bio reserve in the Western Ghats and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only the nature lovers take a tour in this place. You can find very few people coming to this park. Yet, it is the best offbeat place to visit once in Palakkad, Kerala State. Its main attraction is photography, bird watching and nature trial walk in the lush green forest. You will be trekking in the parts of Nilgiri Mountain Ranges of the Western Ghats.

3.      Nelliampathy

This is a popular hill station in the Palakkad district. It has many offbeat places as very less tourists travel to this hill station. This is a budget friendly place to take the offbeat tour in Kerala. It boasts one of the best tea plantations and orange cultivation area. There are many accessible mountain peaks. This is the best place to take nature tour in Kerala. It is a village untouched by the modernization.

4.      Valiyaparamba Backwaters

The Valiyaparamba Backwaters is the best offbeat location to relax in Kassagod District of Kerala. It is the only backwaters with mangroves, lagoons and rivers in one place. You can take a day-trip boat cruise and enjoy its scenic beauty of its backwaters and village islets. You can access its sea beach too once in Valiyaparamba. There are also traditional boathouses to spend your leisure time with drinks and snacks inside the boat. You can visit the Bekal fort and its beach, which is nearby places in Valiyaparamba.

5.      Mesapulimala

The Mesapulimala in Idukki District is the only accessible mountain peak on the Western Ghats. When you reach to top peak, you are at an altitude of 8,661 ft above the mean sea level. You can find clouds touching your feet. You can view the Tamil Nadu side on its East and Kerala on its West from this top peak. It is the best place for photography, tea gardens and resort tourism. The view of sun sire and sun set is possible to see from this peak. You can reach this peak by private taxi en-route the Suryanelli tea plantation area. You have to do a 30-minutes mountain trekking to reach the peak. This offbeat place comes under the Munnar tour packages too.
The Kerala sightseeing packages with the above places are budget friendly place to take the offbeat tour once in Kerala. It is a tourist’s friendly place in South India.

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