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Monday, November 19, 2018

Special thumbnails for facebook: a full guide

A thumbnail is a used as thread from your video to give an idea to the viewers about your video but not exactly letting them know what your video is about. It basically consists or it basically should contain the most amazing image from your video that makes your viewers curious and a very catchy caption to it (make sure it the caption consists of all the important keywords from your video.). A thumbnail can also be described as a small version of your video or a preliminary step. 

Before we study why thumbnails are added, we need to first know why a thumbnail is important in a video be it on facebook or youtube because in any case or after a certain time we will want to link our youtube to our facebook using youtube fb linker obviously to increase the views on the video uploaded. Let’s first see the importance of video thumbnail:
We have all studied the proverb- “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” well this maybe true but in this case that in case of video on Facebook and YouTube this proverb is just opposite. A video is partially judged by its thumbnail as that is the first thing a viewer sees. So if the thumbnail is not attractive and appropriate, obviously the viewer might not want to see your video. There always some points to keep in mind while creating a thumbnail:

Ø  Add some text to your video: do not leave the viewers in a puzzle so to let them figure out everything. As said use the keywords of your video in the thumbnail.

Ø  Make sure the thumbnail is appealing yet announcing: use appropriate colors. Make sure it is not too gaudy and bright. It should be simple yet very attractive.

Ø  Use image: take one of the best still from your video, the one that is most attractive and amazing and use it in your thumbnail.

Now let’s see how we upload a thumbnail in our video:

1.    Go to your facebook page or profile.

2.    On the left side panel, you will see a list of options. Choose “videos option” from it.

3.    Once it opens, scroll down to “all videos” option. In this option, on the window you will see a “three dot” option.

4.    Click on the three dots. From the drop down menu, select “edit video.”

5.    Select the video you want to edit. From the opened video window, select custom option on the right side corner.

6.    Facebook will now give options from videos you have. If you want to add one of thumbnails you already have select the thumbnail from the options opened or else make one thumbnail.

7.    Select the thumbnail and get back to your video.

8.    Refresh the screen and you will now see your video with the selected thumbnail.

You can also link your facebook video with your youtube by using facebook linker youtube.

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