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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Interesting Facts About Slate Restoration

Slate is a foliated, fine-grained, homogeneous metamorphic rock. It is generated from the sedimentary rocks which are made up of volcanic clay and ash. It is one of the finest grained rocks. It takes the shape according to the direction of the metamorphic compression. Slate refers to all the types of materials which are made up of slate rock. It can either refer to the slate writing board or clean slate. Slate restoration and cleaning are thus very important.

How to restore slate tiles?

Slate comes in various shades of grey and because of its rough and regular usage many times, the color of the stone fades. There are many ways of slate restoration and cleaning. The process has been mentioned below:

·         First of all, the dust and the dirt is to be removed from the surface. This can be generally done by moping of the surface. The surface dirt gets removed from the surface in this way.

·         After this, the process of slate restoration involves the application of a sealer. It helps to get rid of stains. The sealer is generally applied with the help of a sponge and is left to dry out completely. Such sealers should be chosen which are apt for such surfaces. A second coating can also be applied if required.

·         To bring in natural shine, an enhancer should be applied. But this should be applied after the removal of dirt and application of sealer.

Why does the slate lose its color gradually?

Many times it is seen that slate gradually loses its color and shine even if after utmost care and maintenance. With the passage of time, the surface slowly starts to accumulate a white layer of dust. This hides the luster and natural color of the slate. Some slates even start to naturally create dust on the surface. These are generally slate chips and flakes. Slate is used for a number of purposes and thus maintaining its natural beauty is very important.

Thus, it can be said that the restoration and cleaning of slate are very important to maintain its natural luster and color. Each and every technique should be followed properly. They often tend to lose their color because of the rough weather conditions and heavy traffic. Thus a regular cleaning procedure is very important. The sealing and the cleaning techniques can help to regain its lost shine and natural beauty.

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