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Monday, November 19, 2018

How to get job easily in reputed VLSI companies?

Those who are planning to undergo VLSI training tend to have this question in mind as to where they can apply for a job after successful completion of the course. Assuming that the candidates are searching for opportunities in Indian companies, there are several ways by which it becomes possible to get an interview call.

Tips to follow to get jobs in one of the reputed VLSI company

Once the plan has been made to undergo vlsi design training in Bangalore, the next step will be to follow the below given tips.

·         It does need proper vision at an early stage to get into VLSI platform. Many are not even aware that it is possible to split Electronics ‘Core’ industry into communication, Embedded Systems or VLSI domains. The majority of the B.E. ECE students end up with software jobs. But pursuing B.Tech / B.E. course, develop sound knowledge in the Electronics subject. It will be useful to take VLSI electives and to begin checking out things from the chip design perspective. There are campus interviews held by the reputed training centers, where chances are very high of getting a job for the deserving candidates.

·         It is also possible to get referrals from someone known and enjoy off-campus job recruitment. However, it is a difficult task to achieve as someone from this domain or having knowledge of such companies should be present in the contact list or should be helpful.

·         Join IIT to pursue M.Tech in VLSI. They do provide campus placements to help get a job in the top ranking VLSI companies. Study for GATE and get if placed in General Category, get below 700 rank and study hard for 1st year M.Tech. and then prepare for on-campus placement to get the dream job.

·         Join M.Tech (VLSI) at NIT or IIT which provides internships. This is considered to be an on the job internship program to get a permanent job. GATE is considered to be the gateway into the VLSI industry. So adequate importance should be given to it.

·         Pursue courses required in industry or visit VLSI finishing school. Apply off-campus. But this can be a bit risky, since the candidate is not likely to know the companies that will value the courses completed. In case, courses are completed on say, A, B & C subjects, but the openings are only for the D, E & F domains, then there can be plenty of waiting time and patience required.

·         Try to join the smaller VLSI companies, where chances are being sent to the bigger VLSI companies like Qualcomm and Intel as contract employee.

The above are few of the ways by which the candidate can expect to get an interview for VLSI engineer post. But it is his/her communication, skill set and in-depth knowledge on the subject that will actually determine the type of industry to join. Discussing with the professionals and undergoing vlsi physical design training in Bangalore can be a wise decision made to get jobs quickly and effortlessly.

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