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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Apply online for CSP

What is the best way to get better banking service is, apply online for CSP. You can also do this. For this, there must be special attention for some things.

How to open a customer care center?

The Grahak Seva Center / Customer Service Point is also called briefly CSP. You must have a setup to open it if you wish to go for online SBI CSP. You can also take a loan up to 2 lakh from the bank for this work. Today, private finance companies are also working to provide loans for this. Let's know what kind of setup should be for opening a customer service center.

Customer Service Center CSP

1.      Desktop computer / laptop (at which Windows 7 version of OS is installed)

2.      Color printer and scanner

3.      Finger Print Reader Scanner

4.      Broadband internet connection

5.      Secure locker to keep important documents and cash

6.      Furniture

7.      Stationery supplies

Application process for customer service center

Grahak seva center registration - Advertisements are published from time to time to open a customer service center in the newspapers. Through this, CSP can be opened. Apart from this, the company recognizing the customer service center can also contact ACCA. There are some big names in these companies - Vyim Tech, Fia Global, Oxygen, Oriole etc. They can be contacted online on the internet. Banks are also being kept in salaries in banks. You can meet with the Bank Manager to know about this. As well as going to the Kiosk Operator, you can also get help. You can get information about the nearest kiosk operator from the internet. Common customer care centers that are in circulation -

·         SBI Grahak Service Center

·         PNB Customer Service Center

·         BOB Grahaak Service Center

Investment information

Grahak Seva Kendra Investment - In the beginning, you have to give a demand draft of 20 thousand rupees to the company. This amount can be different for different banks and companies. Some agencies give finger print reader scanner free of charge, while some take money from it separately. Once the application is approved, you can get loan up to Rs 2 lakh from the bank especially if you go for Online SBI CSP. In some cases, the bank sanctioned the loan only after establishing a customer service center. So, try to arrange the necessary money with you. Approximate investment opening of customer service center comes from 1.2 to 2 lakh rupees.

Functions of Customer Service Centers

Almost all the work that a bank does, such as opening accounts, lending of money, insuring, doing FD, RD etc. If you add the work of bank loan recovery along with it, then you can earn big money.

Ability to become bank Mitra

Any Indian citizen bank is eligible to become a mitra by apply online for csp. In addition, retired bank staff, teachers, army personnel are considered worthy. Apart from this, medical stores (chemist shop), grocery store, petrol pump station, self-help group, PCO station, public service center etc. can also be bank friends. For more information, visit the nearest bank or customer care center.

What does a bank friend do?

1.      You have to become bank friends by joining the company like bank or age tech, fia global, oxygen, ease.

2.      You have to make an office for this, out of which you have to set up a bank board.

3.      By doing a little promotion you can earn money by working from the office comfortably.

How much can you earn?

You have already learned how to earn money by becoming a bank friend in the previous post. For the first 6 months, you get encouragement money of Rs 2,500 per month. You can earn 30 thousand or more while doing banking. On NPA recovery, 10% commission is made. You can make more commission from the bank manager. Many bank friends are earning more than Rs. 50 thousand per month. You can also be one of them.

Earning account

If 20 accounts were added to the base every day, they would earn Rs 500 in one day i.e. Rs.15,000 in the month. Everyday 10 people got the Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti insurance, then in a day, Rs 300 was earned i.e., a sum of Rs 9000 in the month. On the basis of withdrawal of Rs.1 lakh per day, Rs 12000 will be made in the month. In this way you can earn more than 30 thousand in 1 month. There are also some banks which also offer regular salaries to their bank friends.

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