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Friday, November 16, 2018

How many methods are there to unlock iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 is a novel creation of Apple Inc. which is the epitome of leading technology in this world. Smartphones have made connecting with many people from remote corners of the world simple and efficient. With a single smartphone, you can click pictures, browse the internet, shoot videos, play games, download necessary applications, and also complete a lot of work. The platform independence that Apple offers by connecting all Apple devices with the iPhone, as well as the exclusivity of Apple devices which prevent security breaches are novel features present in the iPhone 7.

Apple Inc. started manufacturing iPhones in 2007 and these have become trendsetters in the market. This makes unlocking iPhone 7 T-Mobilenecessary to latch on to various network carriers to connect to better services. Apple has time and again shown its specialty in bringing a host of new features in their new iPhone launches and making better use of the already existing features in previous versions.

The iPhone 7 is a revered model in the line-up of several models offered by Apple. It came with the options of a metallic back or a glass finish back that can be chosen by the user. It contained several new features such as fast processors, a quick fingerprint scanner, 3d touch, and lesser delay between switching apps. The multitude of features that were offered by this iPhone made it a rage amongst users to the extent that people stood in long lines to acquire the phone. Most of it was sold out, and a high percentage of people bought their iPhones with network carrier schemes and made unlocking Apple iPhone 7 phone extremely important.

The biggest problem when people purchase contract phones is the fact that they have to stick to a single network carrier which may become a problematic situation for many. When people buy an iPhone based on a contract, they don’t have to pay the premium price tag initially, but in a series of monthly instalments that can quickly culminate in disaster since these phones are programmed to work on a single network carrier. Though the payment seems light on the pocket, the same network carrier remains even after the instalments have been completed and the contract length has ended. This has got many people typing ‘how to unlock iPhone 7’ into Google to get the answers needed.

Methods to unlock iPhone 7

1.    Software method 

This method is somewhat dangerous as the software configuration of the iPhone is changed. But this method was based on a loophole that was found by hackers when the iPhone 4 was released. Apple has plugged that loophole long ago and this method has,therefore, become redundant.

2.    IMEI Number method

The IMEI number is a unique number that is different for every mobile phone owned by people all over the world. This number is instrumental in getting your iPhone unlocked as it can be fed in a website and unlocked. The process usually takes 1-5 days and it is a safe and reliable method.

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