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Friday, November 16, 2018

Handy Tools for an Average Household

For the do-it-yourself fanatic and even the average householder, a full hand-tool kit is indispensable. But, buying an entire set of hand tools becomes a big burden. So, it is normal for people to buy tools one at a time and then build their collection over time. Here we will see some of the most handy tools to have around a house.

Start off with a hammer and plier -
We begin a hand tool collection with the basic screwdriver, hammer, and plier. We can get all that we need by placing our order with the top hand tools exporters in India. They will have the variety and the range of tools one needs to do elementary work around the house. Check for quality certification ISO 9001:2008 and other international benchmarks such as JIS, DIN, and ANSI compliance.
Other tools we need -
We need to have a complete set of tools and protective gear. This will include the following:
        Spanners - These have a handle and an open face for holding the nut or bolt.
        Plumbing tools - It includes pipe wrenches, basin wrenches, and leveling equipment.
        Pliers - It has two jaws and is used to grip material and objects.
        Automotive tools - This includes spark plug spanners, tire levers, wrenches, and hydraulic jacks.
        Carpentry tools - Most common carpentry tools include saws, impact drills, cutters, polishers, and hammers.
        Masonry Tools - These are used for work during building construction. It includes trowels, brushes, brick masonry chisels, and grouting guns.
More tools to add -
        Hack Saws - It finds a use for cutting material mostly wood or plastic. It has a handle with a metal blade having sharp teeth.
        Vices - It is most useful for fixing objects that we need to work on to a table.
     Lubricating Tools - This is used for lubrication. You can get most of these tools from the Hand Tools manufacturer India by ordering them online.
        Punches - When we need to make a hole, we use a punch.
        Allen keys - This is a form of wrench used mostly with electronic equipment and bikes.
        Screwdrivers - This is by far the most useful tool we use around a house. It has a pointed tip with a flat edge that helps us screw and unscrew screws.
        Socket Spanners - This kind of spanner is like a small, hollow tube. They come in all sizes and we choose the one we want. 
        Impact Drivers - This is a hammer or a screwdriver that is power driven. Usually, it is electrically or pneumatically operated.
        Bolt Cutters - It has two long arms that remain pivoted to a fulcrum. The other end has two sharp jaws that helps cut bolts.
        Leather Tool Aprons - We need protective gear when we work. This is provided by the aprons made of leather.
        Misc Tools - This includes tools and devices like magnifying glass, magnets, scissors, nose pliers, and so on.
        Non Sparking Tools - These are tools made of bronze, brass, copper-aluminum alloys, or non-metals such as wood, plastic, and leather.
Getting good quality tools is important. Otherwise, they will break and we have to order them again. Choose a reliable supplier so we are able to get high quality tools.

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