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Monday, November 12, 2018

Clothing Trends that Never Go Out Of Style

Some trends are evergreen, some you miss in the blink of an eye. Some remain little known, some become couture. Style is an individual expression while fashion can be opinionated and reflects the time. Recent trends hark back to the 90’s, the era of frilled sleeves and bell bottoms in western attire, an era of long kurtas and printed clothing in the Indian version. However, some trends you can wear again and again without fearing they’d lose their relevance. So here’s a few of them in a quick list. Pro tip- stock up on these and you won’t ever complain of having nothing to wear!

1.       The Undying love for Bohemian: bohemian has been interpreted in many ways. Different. Unconventional. Rebellious. Call it what you want, prints can never go out of style. In one way or another they make a comeback and when that happens, stock up on some evergreen pieces such as maxi dresses, printed jackets, colorful stoles and chunky jewelry- you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come and more. That’s the undying love for bohemian- it stays in vogue. It is versatile, eclectic and never over the top.

2.       Fads vs. fashion: Latest fashion in women’s clothing has evolved. From buying women’s clothes online to taking styling tips from fashion bloggers. The essence remains same, the mediums change. But fads are often temporary. While the 90’s come back may fade soon. The fashion appeal of a saree or a kurta never fades. Stock up on these while you still can!

3.       Black vs. rest of the colors: Goth chic, daring, rebellious, reckless- or simply dark. Way too many disclaimers and tags are associated with black clothing. Still, it’s a must to get down to basics. A black t-shirt is a must. So is a white. While you are at it, buy one in every colour1 what’s wrong with adding some hues? Limiting to color choices is not necessary. Find what works best for you or find what doesn’t. Take back control of your fashion choices.

4.       Colour Blocking: ever heard of wearing cheques over striped bottoms? Too bold? Too loud? Enough with the. Print on Print or color blocking, the art of wearing prints over patterns and softer colors with louder ones- it’s all the rage. Don’t fall for it if you aren’t confident of its longevity. It’s daunting to keep it cool when theirs a clash of colors and prints. However, if you can carry it with ease- by all means, go aboard the color-blocking train!

Fashion takes time. Just like a good brew of coffee does. However, it's up to every person’s sensibilities. One day what was unfashionable becomes trendsetting if worn in the right way. On other days, something fashionable loses its relevance. The idea is to keep up with times, make sure you make a statement, while the gods still smile upon a trend- otherwise, change is a constant. Flexibility, important. Let the evolution go on.

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