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Thursday, November 1, 2018

4 Amazing Facts about Apple

Well, whenever we think about this giant tech company Apple, an image of the most trustable brand in tech world appears in our mind. Apple had managed to attract consumers towards it from the time when it was launched. Its founder and first CEO Steve Jobs is himself a legend in this field and has contributed immensely for the growth and development of technology.
Samsung is the supplier of bulk iPhone parts inwholesale. Apple is one of the biggest multinational companies in the world and just like any other company,it’s headquarter is also situated in Silicon Valley California. Read this blog till the end to know some fantastic facts about Apple.

1. Apple Founders Sold Their Volkswagen Car and A Scientific Calculator To Launch This Company

Whenever we think about products of apple then pictures of iPhone, MacBook and IPad appears in our mind, but very few people know this fact that Apple founders Steve Jobs had a Volkswagen car and Steve Wozniak sold his micro calculator. Although very few people know that a scientific calculator was more expensive than a microcar that time. Steve Wozniak sold his calculator for 500 dollars that are about 2000 dollars in today's world.

2. People Are Having the Pattern Of A Feature Called ‘Slide To Unlock'

Slide to unlock is the most common feature of any Android or iOS touchscreen device and it was a big thing when it was founded. Currently, Apple is fighting several cases against the companies like Samsung for stealing its slide to unlock feature. This feature was introduced in the first iPhone of the apple which was a touchscreen device, which proved to be a revolution in the mobile phone industry back in the day.

3. Steve Jobs Invented The Computer Mouse

The computer mouse you use every day was invented by the first CEO and one of the founders of the Apple Steve Jobs. Although there is concrete evidence that Steve Jobs invented computer mouse by stealing it from Xerox. Before mouse you had to process a command in the computer for every movement of the cursor. Then the Xerox research centre found of perfect solution for this problem and introduced a three-button device called mouse but still at that time period its cost was about three hundred dollars that is why they decided to remove one button from the mouse to decrease its production cost. Our modern mouse still uses the same concept of two buttons.

4. Apple Is Having More Cash Than The US Treasury

This sound unbelievable but trust me this fact is 100 percent true. Apple is having at least 4 times more cash than US treasury. In 2015 the US treasury had around 30 billion dollars in cash, but on the other side, Apple is having at least 200 billion dollars of cash according to their balance sheet.
Samsung is also the major iPhone X parts supplier, and this fact is 100 per cent verified. Apple is still doing well because of its innovative products.

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