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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying A Prom Dress

Your prom night is going to be one of the most memorable events of your life. It is a significant event of your teenage years. You are obviously excited for your prom night, and so you need to look your best on this day whatsoever.

There a lot of things that need to be purchased and checked for putting your glamorous side forward and hence a lot of efforts need to be put in place prior to the prom night event. With many options out there, it is a real struggle to find your perfect prom dress and the accessories that would enhance your ensemble for the night. 

Tips to Choose Your Prom Dress

Firstly, plan to choose your outfit for the prom  4-6 weeks before the prom night. Also, browse through fashion magazines and fashion blogs for getting some inspiration and idea of the latest trends and styles. Identify the styles you like before going to shop for your prom night.

Things to consider for buying the Perfect Prom Dress

Choosing the fabric - Look to buying precious fabrics such as satin, chiffon, silk, velvet, lace, organza for the prom dress. This will lend a sleek, classy look to your attire for the night.  

Choosing the dress according to the face and body shape - Always buy a dress that better suits your face and fits your body well rather than going for a latest-style dress that does not suit you. 

Choosing According to Face Cut

Round face - Search for a dress that makes the face elongated to make it look more like an oval. For this, scoop and sweetheart necklines or V-necks look good. Avoid high-neck dresses. 

Triangular face - For ladies with triangular face cuts, it is recommended to go for scoop and sweetheart necklines, or even Sabrina and cowl necklines that make the face look a little curvy. 

Heart-shaped face - High or wide necklines will suit better for women with a heart-shaped face that will make the face appear a tad-bit wider.

Square face - Ladies with a square face cut should avoid buying a prom dress that has a square neckline. Instead, they should opt for dresses with scoop or cowl necks and Sabrina or sweetheart necklines.  

Oblong face - Avoid buying a prom dress with V-neckline and go for something that makes your face look more wider and oval. Sabrina neckline or cowl necks would do the trick. 

Choosing According to Body Shape

Hour-glass body shape - Go for a dress that hugs your body at the right curves such as a mermaid dress or a trumpet dress.

Rectangle body shape - A-line dresses or Empire dresses or any dress that have a fill skirt, folds or ruffles suit the best since they define the waist better. 

Inverted Triangle body shape- A-line dresses with deep V-necks or Empire dresses, or even wrap dresses with higher waist help to highlight lower body rather than the broad shoulders. 

Also, plan for a proper budget keeping in mind the prom dress, the accessories, hair and the makeup to be worn.

These tips will help you select a perfect prom dress from your momentous prom night. 

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