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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What is infinite postpaid?

We explore the possibilities that an infinite postpaid plan offers and why should get this plan for your phone.

Lately, you may have come across the term ‘unlimited Internet’. What does it mean, and why should you have it?

What is unlimited Internet?

Unlimited Internet is a plan used on the postpaid phone connection or a broadband line. It simply means that the user gets an unlimited amount of data on the connection. This is contrary to most Internet plans, which offer a fixed amount of data on the plan per month.

In simple terms, the unlimited or infinite Internet simply means that you get more data than what you normally need. Suppose your monthly data consumption, all usage considered, is about 30 GB. So, if you have a postpaid plan that offers 50 GB of data, your plan automatically becomes an unlimited one since the extra 20 GB of data is there for your use if you should need it.

Among mobile phone providers, Airtel 4G data plans qualify in the unlimited or Infinity postpaid plans category. The company reintroduced its popular Rs 649 postpaid plan a few months ago, which now offers a humongous 90 GB of monthly data. Is that infinite enough for you?

The best of Airtel 4G data plans

Airtel 4G data plans are designed for postpaid users who demand fast speeds, always-on connectivity and no downtime on their phone networks. With the highest concentration of mobile cell towers all over the country, Airtel is able to provide all these functionalities quite easily.

Besides, the Airtel 4G data plans are designed keeping in mind users’ preferences for calling, low price points, a huge amount of monthly data quota, and other add-on benefits. Check out some of the benefits of Airtel Infinity postpaid:

* Reasonably priced monthly plans: Airtel 4G data plans are most affordable, priced at Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199. They are amongst the most competitively priced plans in the postpaid category today.

* Unlimited data: Get data quota from 40 GB to 120 GB. These are high data packs indeed, with most users not needing this much data unless they stream and use heavy files all the time. So you can surf worry free without worrying about exceeding your data limits.

* Additional benefits: Barring the Rs 399 plan, each Airtel 4G data plan comes with a free one-year Amazon Prime subscription. Besides, you get handset repair protection, access to Airtel TV app and also Wynk Music. Plus, the Rs 649 to Rs 1,199 plans also offer free add-on connections to family members.

* Get the Airtel my Family plan: If all your family members are Airtel phone users, you can transfer them all to the Airtel myFamily plan. This gives you up to 20% discount on the overall bill, just one bill is generated instead of individual bills, and account management becomes much easier.

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